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TitleGloucester Borough Records
Charters [1194]-(1672); abstract of charters and deeds of city property 1720 (GBR I); photographic copies of charters (GBR accession 11290); "secondary" charters, licences & commissions (Stevenson Catalogue nos. 50, 60, 66, 68, 71, 72, 73, 74, 77, 78, 79, acc 6061); various original royal charters, [1155]-1974, accession 12675; *Gloucester City Charters granting and confirming crest, 1945 (museum no TEMP5169) & exemplifying arms,1974 (museum no. TEMP5170) (accession 12948)

Papers concerning role of mayor as escheator 1618-1624 (GBR Cl); admissions of members of common council 1810-1833 (GBR C3); lists of High Stewards and Recorders of City (GBR C6, C7); petitions relating to municipal elections 1889-1920 (GBR C11); registers of oaths 1662-1688, c.1720-1835 (GBR C8); rolls of fines of non-freemen trading at Gloucester 1380-1482 (GBR C9); burgess rolls 1534-1564 and freemen's rolls 1653-1835 (GBR C9); apprenticeship registers 1595-1834 and bonds 1758-1778, 1813-1835 (GBR C10); J. Clutton's survey and valuation of Gloucester Corporation's Estates; *municipal year books 1901-1986 (GBR Acc 6072)

Ordinances regulating city companies 1583-1767; byelaws 18th cent.-1955 (GBR B1); memoranda book of City 1486-1648 (GBR B2); minutes 1565-1976; agendas 1928-1965; register of councillors' votes 1933-1959 (GBR B3); committee minutes 1779-1976 (GBR B4); Joint Advisory Town Planning Committee minutes 1931-1948 (GBR B5); *Joint Airport Committee minutes 1954-1969 (GBR Acc 4800); local Acts and Orders and related petitions and papers 1535-1966 (GBR B6); town clerk's legal papers 1341-1741, including disputes between city and In-shire 1624-1625 (GBR B8); papers concerning building of a new market 1785-1786 (GBR B10).

Financial records:
Papers concerning the fee-farm of the borough, other exchequer accounts and national taxation (1333)-1962 (GBR F1); murage and pavage accounts 1298-1410 (GBR F2); bailiffs' accounts c.1290-15th cent. [a few years only] (GBR F3); stewards' [later chamberlains' then treasurer's] accounts 1550-1596, 1628-1834 (GBR F4); annual audited accounts 1641-1835 (GBR F5); city cash books 1780-1825; city ledgers 1780-1835 (GBR F6); vouchers 1717-1721, 1793-1796, 1816-1819 (GBR F7); Chamberlain's record of repossessions 1645-1719 (GBR F8); accounts of Collectors for the Poor 1572-1580 (GBR F11)

Judicial records:
Register of writs returned by sheriffs 1600-1601, with papers concerning lieutenancy business 1600-1619 (GBR G5); Tolsey Court actions 1613-1766 and register of complaints 1763-1787 (GBR G6); County Court register of complaints 1632-1703 (GBR G7); Court Leet presentments 1273, byelaws 1670, presentments fines and forfeitures 1738-1819 (GBR G8); enrolment of statute merchant recognizances 1648-1721 (GBR G9); Hundred Court actions 1502-1507, 1641-1796 (GBR G10); Court of Orphans court book 1561-1604 and releases of legacies 1580-1719 (GBR G12); Court of Request proceedings 1746-1846 (GBR G13); commissions 1575-1642 (GBR G14)
Gloucester Borough Quarter Sessions:
Court in session: appeal papers 1926-1972 (GBR G3/SA); rating appeals papers 1901-1939 (GBR G3/SAr); depositions 1939-1971 (GBR G3/SD); gaol calendars 1840-1846, 1914-1971 (GBR G3/SG); indictment files 1945-1971 (GBR G3/SIa); indictment books 1638-1685 (GBR G3/SIb); minutes of Quarter and Petty Sessions 1773-1952 (GBR G3/SM); Chairman's minutes c.1962-1972 (GBR G3/SM); order books 1608-1701, 1759-1812 (GBR G3/SO); sessions rolls 1690-1949 [very incomplete] (GBR G3/SR); highway diversion papers 1857-1971 (GBR G3/SRh)
Administration: plan of city prison 1844; papers concerning sale and demolition of prison 1860-1867 (GBR G3/AG)
Finance: treasurer's receipts and disbursements 1660-1808 (GBR G3/FAc)
Registration, enrolment and deposit: papers concerning appointment of sheriffs 1962-1969 (GBR G3/RAs); freemasons' lodges 1834-1967 (GBR G3/RM); oath rolls 1760-1895 (GBR G3/RO); public undertakings acts 1846-1911 (GBR G3/RUa); Sharpness New Docks and Gloucester and Birmingham Navigation Co accounts 1870-1939 (GBR G3/RUc); deposited plans of public undertakings 1836-1858 (GBR G3/RUm); appeals against removal orders 1906-1912 (GBR G3/RW); returns of corn prices 1804-1826 (GBR G3/RZa)
Gaol: visiting justices' minutes 1826-1858; governor's journal 1846-1858; registers of prisoners and debtors 1810-1858; dietary books 1848-1857; chaplain's journal 1815-1858; surgeon's journals 1825-1858 (GBR G3/G)
Clerk of the Peace: general correspondence files c.1957-1971 (GBR G3/CC); returns to government departments concerning judicial matters (mainly appeals) 1893-1971 and prisons 1845-1882 (GBR G3/CR)
Gloucester City Petty Sessions Division (later Gloucester Division): minutes 1836-1853; informations 1842-1852; sessions papers 1817-1837 (GBR G4)
Gloucester Borough Coroner: inquisitions 1642-1660 (GBR G2)
Bristol: registers of recognizances relating to merchant ships sailing from Bristol 1643-1652 (GBR G14)

In-Shire Lieutenancy:
Appointments of Lords Lieutenant 1623-1679; order and letter books 1586-1661 (GBR H1 and H2)

Estate records:
Deeds of city and hospital property in Badgeworth, Brockworth, Bulley, Gloucester, Great Witcombe, Hempsted, Minsterworth, Standish, Stonehouse and Westbury-on-Severn, and of St Bartholomew's Hospital property in Awre, Barnwood, Bishops Cleeve, Brimpsfield, Cheltenham, Churchdown, Coaley, Colesbourne, Deerhurst, Down Hatherley, Elmore, Elmstone Hardwicke, Gloucester, Hardwicke, Hasfield, Hempsted, Highnam, Hucclecote, Kemerton, Kempley, Lassington, Littledean, Longford, Lydney, Minsterworth, Newnham, Owlpen, Sandhurst, Swindon, Twigworth, Uley, Upton St Leonards, Wotton, Longdon (Worcs) and Morton (Worcs) c.1180-1810 (GBR J1); counterpart leases 1724-1835 (GBR J2); city lease books 1524-1881 and hospital property leases 1595-1637, 1718-1758 (GBR J3); maps and surveys of all corporation estates 1731, 1824-1826 (GBR J4); survey books 1740-1846 (GBR J4); rentals of city property 1455, c.1470, 1509, (1535), 1544, 1623-1639, 1672, 1684 (GBR J5); rentals of hospital property c.1560, 1589, 1596, c.1606 (GBR J5); papers concerning Land Tax redemption 1799-1801 (GBR J6)

Chantry certificate 1545/6 (GBR K1); St Bartholomew's Hospital exemplification 1640, schedule of charters (1229)-1641, petition 1564, inventory 1636 and accounts 1535/6-1583 (GBR K1); St Margaret's Hospital accounts 1555-1563 (GBR K1); Dame Joan Cooke's Charity accounts 1635-1674 (GBR K2); Sir Thomas Bell's Charity accounts 1684-1803 (GBR K3); charity apprenticeship register 1626-1648; bonds for charity money (1661)-1688; minutes of committee for relief of the poor 1788-1795 (GBR K4); commission of inquiry into Gloucestershire charities 1607 (GBR K5)
*St John's Ambulance Brigade: Gloucester branch minutes and accounts 1881-1884 (GBR)
*John Ward's Trust, Gloucester: cash book 1895-1965; ledgers 1895-1966 (GBR accession 4800)

Departmental records [post 1835]

Staverton Airport aircraft movement log books 1949-1970; watch log books 1955-1971 (GBR)

*Air Raid Precautions:
Administrative files 1939-1947; register and file of reports of unexploded bombs 1940-1958; Chief Warden's messages 1940-1945; Messenger HQ log book 1944; report books, duty log books and training records 1939-1945 (GBR); air raid precautions service files 1939-1945 (GBR accession 5235)

Gloucester Burial Authority:
Minutes 1856-1887; cemetery wages accounts 1857-1898; register of mortgages 1857-1876; register of graves 1857-1889; deeds and papers regarding creation of burial grounds 1854-1934; cemetery register of burials in war graves, including PoWs, 1940-1947, *deeds of grants and plans for Coney Hill and Tredworth Road Cemetery (accession 14785) (GBR L4)

Ledgers 1904-1935; HMI reports 1906; miscellaneous policy files 1936-1959; correspondence concerning school meals 1946-1956, 1967-1968; plans of schools 1937-1968 and colleges 1929-1966; schools files 1959-1974 (GBR)
*Gloucester, Ribston Hall High School for Girls: deeds of school site (1816)-1920 (GBR)

*Engineer and Surveyor:
Papers regarding street and bridge improvements 1930-1950, drainage and flooding 1933-1968; City Engineer's reports to committee 1949-1975; meteorological readings, Hempsted weather station 1959-1965; Restriction of Ribbon Development Act applications 1936-1939; papers concerning proposed civic centre 1936-1939; maps and plans 1938-c.1947, including Board of Health map 1852 and Goad's Insurance Plans 1891 with amendments to mid 20th cent.; land use and planning surveys 1942-1985; registers of building plans 1878-1974 and plans 1861-1966; correspondence 1929-1976; meeting notebooks 1957-1973; *maps and plans of sewers, 19th-20th cents (accession 12948) (GBR)

*Fire Brigade:
Fire registers 1912-1942, 1953-1971; fire charges books 1933-1939; fire occurrence books 1954-1972; orders 1948-1972; registers of occurrences 1955-1966; reports to Watch committee 1947-1972; drill book 1912-1939; fire reports 1949-1966; annual inspections and reports 1950-1972; estimates 1950-1969 (GBR)

Photographs of buildings in slum clearance areas to be demolished c.1920-1940; papers concerning buildings unfit for human habitation 1922-1933; closing and demolition orders 1911-1929; papers regarding slum clearance 1934-1938; annual reports of Medical Officer of Health 1910-1973; registers of housing conditions 1920s-1970s (GBR); registers of house inspections of rented properties 1950s-1960s (GBR accession 8825)

Administrative files 1950s-c.1974 (GBR accession 7143)

Markets and Quay:
Administrative files 1936-1974 (GBR L16)

Motor Taxation:
Registers of drivers' licences 1903-1920; registers of motor cars and motor cycles 1903-1920; microfilms of licence renewal documents 1919-1960s; register of dealers' identification marks 1904-1921 (GBR L15)

Correspondence files 1954-1980 (GBR Acc 4799); registers of planning decisions 1948-1974; registers of applications under Control of Advertisement Act 1948-1974; registers of deposited building plans (c.1861)-1962; registers of scaffold erections in the highway 1923-1953; approval of plans at Improvement Committee 1935-1946; register of improvement grants 1959-1966 (GBR accession 5028); architects' files, including housing estates and industrial sites 1930s-1970s (GBR accession 6229)

Maps & Plans:
(GBR L10)
*Sudbrook culvert plans, 1860s-1880s (GBR accession 12082); *maps & plans of Gloucester city sewers, 19th-20th cents (accession 12948)

Police and fire brigade pay books 1850-1865 (GBR L21)

Rating and Valuation:
Gloucester Union valuation lists 1854-1928 (GBR L22/1); borough rate books 1843-1882 (GBR L22/3); poor rate books 1835-1900 (GBR L22/4); water rates 1852-1874 (GBR L22/6); highway rates 1853-1884 (GBR L22/7); general and special district and water rates 1850-1896 (GBR L22/8); Tuffley Local Board of Health rates 1885-1899 (GBR L22/10); Poor, General District and Water rates 1897-1928 (GBR L22/11); General and Water rate books 1929-1963 (GBR L22/12); suburbs lamp rates 1944-1952 (GBR L22/5); preliminary enquiries prior to revaluation 1902-1917 (GBR L22/13); *rating valuation lists, 1955, 1963, 1972; directions for alterations to 1963 valuation list, 1963-1970s (GBR accession 11241)

Town Clerk:
Title deeds of properties acquired since 1835, 1767-1970 (GBR L6/1); leases 1836-1958 (GBR L6/2); purchases and exchanges of corporation property (1780)-1896 (GBR L6/3); sales of corporation property 1836-1925 (GBR L6/4); mortgages and securities (1821)-1972 (GBR L6/6); contracts and agreements 1836-1962 (GBR L6/7); numbered series of draft contracts, agreements, leases, mortgages, conveyances etc 1851-c.1967 (GBR L6/8); numbered sequence of agreements 1856-1969 (GBR L6/9); numbered series of contracts c.1927-1970 (GBR L6/10); papers concerning elections 1868-1917 (GBR L6/11A); electoral registers 1868-1964 (GBR L6/11B); burgess lists and citizens rolls 1874-1915 (GBR L6/11B);

Legal papers concerning James Wood's codicil 1840-1929, corporation and charity trustees (1836)-1890, railway companies 1839-1910, city extensions 1874-1887, Port of Gloucester 1870-1924 and freemen's rights in the common meadows 1900-1904; papers concerning official inquiries 1888-1972 (GBR L6/12);

Registers of slaughter houses 1849-1938 (GBR L6/13); *register of licences for slaughtermen 1957-1983 and slaughterhouse figures 1978-1982 (GBR Acc 8825); canal boat registers 1879-1954; registers of inspections under Shops Acts 1937-1946; papers regarding Gloucester and District Town Planning Scheme 1933-1938; register of planning decisions 1958-1967; papers concerning fire prevention order 1941; Hackney Carriage licensing papers 1957-1972; registers of houses in clearance areas 1932-1939; registers of building consents 1932-1936; register of butter factories 1900-1934; register of agreements on passing of building plans 1898-1931; register of explosives storage premises 1939-1946; registers of land affected by planning scheme 1933-1943; registers of planning decisions 1932-1946 (GBR L6/13); *registers of servants registries 1911-1933, 1970 and related correspondence 1931-1975; register of local taxation licences (dogs, game dealers, etc) 1921-1975; register of licensed dog racing tracks 1935-1979; registers of theatrical employers 1936-1971 and related papers 1926-1977; licences for certificates issued under the Betting and Lotteries Act (1934) 1935-1982 and Pool Betting Act correspondence 1954-1982; register of societies (1956)-1989; register of refreshment house licences 1970-1988 (GBR accession 8825)

Public notices 1915-1954 (GBR L6/14); plans of private street works 1925-1936 (GBR L6/18); letter book 1851-1865 (GBR L6/20); miscellaneous correspondence concerning Barton Fair, public library, tramways, air raid precautions, Carnival etc 1871-1969 (GBR L6/22); numbered sequence of correspondence files 1928-1987 (GBR L6/23); memoranda c.1901-1928 (GBR L6/24); newscuttings books 1865-1891 (GBR L6/25); Gloucester Penny Bank minutes 1858-1915, ledgers 1859-1904 and other accounts 1867-1905; Mayor's City Relief Fund minutes 1902-1924; Christmas Charities accounts 1932-1938 (GBR L6/26); miscellaneous maps and plans 1802-1971 (GBR L6/27); papers concerning civic and local events 1870-1966 (GBR L6/28); publications 1860-1960 (GBR L6/29); prints and photographs (1759)-1970 (GBR L6/30); Town Clerk's accounts 1914-1959 (GBR L6/31);

*Parliamentary electoral registers 1854-1965; citizens' rolls 1854-1899; papers relating to Gloucester Election Commission 1880-1882 and Gloucester extension 1899-1900; newscuttings about Gloucester Unemployed Centre Trust 1935-1937 (GBR accession 5512); register of aliens c.1958-1978 (GBR accession 6450)

Wages book 1897-1898; Borough Fund treasurer's accounts 1836-1856; city rentals 1845-1855; abstracts of accounts 1850-1980 [gaps]; audited accounts 1859-1887; registers of stock 1906-1971; superannuation and committee ledgers 1946-1974; registers of houses provided 1923-1972 (GBR accession 4800)

*Weights and Measures:
Verifications 1934-1954 (GBR)

Reports to committee 1949-1970; report on homelessness 1972 (GBR)

Apprenticeship indentures and related papers 1942-1973 (GBR accession 11236)

Associated and Superseded Authorities

Gloucester Board of Health/Urban Sanitary Authority:
Minutes 1849-1887; deeds (1854)-1893; agreements 1853-1883; mortgages 1853-1897; contracts 1850-1922; legal papers 1851-1923; accounts 1849-1856; wages books 1855-1864; Medical Officer of Health visitation report books 1873-1886; surveyor's journal 1855-1862 (GBR N2)

Barton St Mary Local Board of Health:
Minutes 1868-1875; register of mortgages 1864-1872; accounts 1863-1874; Medical Officer of Health visitation report book 1873-1874 (GBR N4)

Barton St Michael Local Board of Health:
Report 1861; minutes 1863-1875; register of mortgages 1864-1872; accounts 1863-1874; Medical Officer of Health visitation report book 1873-1874 (GBR N5)

Kingsholm St Catherine Local Board of Health:
Minutes 1865-1874; register of mortgages 1867 (GBR N6)

Gloucester Rural Sanitary Authority:
Orders creating Special Drainage Districts 1876-1885 (GBR N7)

Gloucester Pilotage Authority:
Byelaws and regulations 1862 (GBR N8)

Non-corporation miscellaneous:
Dudstone Hundred court leet books 1769-1851; Kings Barton Hundred court leet books 1769-1855; Swedish and Norwegian vice-consulate at Gloucester: declarations by ship-masters and crew lists 1833-1883; precedent book, early 19th cent. (GBR)

Port of Gloucester: extended protest books 1835-1865 (GBR)
Gloucester Commercial Rooms: minutes 1831-1834 (GBR)
*Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants: South Wales and South-West Branch minutes 1928-1933 (GBR accession 4800)
*Independent Order of Rechabites: Junior Tent minutes 1899-1903 (GBR)
NotesThe catalogue is complete for pre-1835 records and is in progress for post-1835 records
Accessions 2967.01, 3007, 3258, 3259, 3260, 3266.1, 3267, 3268, 3270, 3317, 3483, 3484, 3650, 4564, 5028, 5031, 5234, 5235, 5261, 5263, 5264, 5449, 5452, 5453, 5675, 5687, 5799, 5832, 5853, 5933, 6229, 6426, 7143, 7258, 7309, 7380, 7470, 7820, 7926, 8344 , 8524, 8825, 10915 & 12949 are uncatalogued

Throughout the catalogue, 'Stevenson', followed by a number and enclosed in square brackets, appears at the end of a file description. This refers to W. H. Stevenson's 'A Calendar of the Records of the Corporation of Gloucester' (Gloucester, 1893) which gives detailed abstracts of these documents See also Historical Manuscripts Commission, 'Twelfth Report, Appendix, Part IX' (1891) pp. 400-529 'The Records of the Corporation of Gloucester' comp. by W.H. Stevenson.
Custodial HistoryDeposited and given by Gloucester City Council, except accessions 3258, 3259, 3260, 3265, 3266.1, 3267, 3268, 3270, 3271, 3272, 7143, 7221, 7258, 7283 and 7470, which were deposited and given via Gloucester City Library, accession 3643, which was deposited by the Department of Transport, accession 4324, which was deposited by Tewkesbury Borough Council, accession 4382, which was deposited by Staverton Airport, accession 4564, which was deposited by Gloucestershire County Library Service, accession 4862, which was deposited by Group Captain R G Price, accessions 5234 and 5261, which were deposited by Gloucester City Council's Environment Services Officer, accessions 5263 and 5264, which were deposited by Gloucester City Council's Planning Officer, accessions 5446 and 7548, which were acquired by purchase, accession 6072, which was deposited by Gloucester City Council's Solicitor's Department, accessions 6374 and 6622, which were deposited by Gloucester City Council's Vehicle Registration Office, accession 6426, which was deposited by A A Ayland, accession 8344, which was deposited by Gloucester City Council, Development, accession 8487, which was deposited by Gloucester Corporation Cemeteries and Crematorium, and accession 8525, which was deposited by Gloucester City Council Planning Department, and accession 11236, which was given by Gloucester Folk Museum, accession 12053.1, which was deposited by Gloucester City Council Neighbourhood Management Services, accession 12949 which was given by Gloucester City Museum, and accession 13975.4, which was given by Miss P Bath
Related Material[See also CO6; D177; D2826; D3264; D3269; D3270; D3595; D4430; D5355; D5827; D6887; DC151 accession 11227; L; PS/GC; SM154/25]
Access ConditionsThis collection has been produced by a public body. Information contained in this collection is therefore made available in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, as well as with the access provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. Information may be extracted by Gloucestershire Archives staff from records marked as closed, in reponse to written requests.
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