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Alt Ref NoD1388
TitleMullings, Ellett and Co. of Cirencester, solicitors
DescriptionOffice Papers
Letter books, 1820-1857; Business Books, 1820-1849; Draft deeds, 1645-1897; Accounts, 1800-1971; Miscellaneous books, 1815-1882; Precedents, 1815-1820; Correspondence, 1813-1847; Case papers, 1717-1882; Sale Papers, 1540-1931; Inclosure, 1727-1881; Tithe, 1679-1915; Parish Surveys, 1767-1840; Estate surveys, 1768-1840; Elections, 1796-1893; Manor of Cirencester, 1695-1912; Miscellaneous office papers, 1765-1880
Client Papers
Caroline Sarah Daukes, of Long Newnton (Wiltshire) and Wotton (Gloucestershire), 1602-1837; Joseph Pitt of Cheltenham, 1797-1811; Allen Family of North Cerney, 1734-1890; Andrews Family of South Cerney, 1672-1923; Beale Brown Family of Salperton, 1735-1896; Chester-Master, 1691-1900; Cole Family of Lechlade, 1702-1899; Craven Family of Severnhampton, 1697-1853; Croft Family of Somerford Keynes, 1667-1866; Daubeny Family of Ampney St Peter, 1857-1948; Ferryman Family of Cheltenham, 1828-1927; Forder Family of Cirencester, 1649-1839; George family of Cherington, 1612-1918; Hill Family of South Cerney, 1668-1908; Howse Family of Poulton and Coln St Denis, 1583-1858; Lawrence Family of Sandywell Park, 1860-1878; Lyon Family of Cranham, 1599-1869; Mott Family of Maiseyhampton and Staffordshire, 1777-1904; Mullings Family (property), 1795-1861; Pitt Family (property and office), 1725-1885; Pitt-Yate Family (Bromsberrow), 1565-1842; Pyrke Family of Littledean, 1857-1888 (but see also D1438); St John Family of Hampshire, 1757-1885; Stevens Family of Ampney St Peter, 1606-1990; Stronge Family of London and Cirencester, 1725-1885; Tombes family of Poulton, formerly Cockrup. Coln St Aldwyns, 1682-1883; John Bibby Tovey, solicitor of Leamington and Chepstow, and Tovey family, 1580-1908; Daubeny and Croome, 1791-1953; Dewe Family, 1754-1925; Mullings Family, 1538-1930
Miscellaneous deeds, 1534-1977
Sales Particulars, 1774-1900
Public & Commercial Bodies
Public undertakings: Cirencester Court of Requests, 1833-1847; Cirencester Burial Board, 1873-1912; Cirencester Parish Records, 1867-1873; Thames Drainage Board, 1861-1892
Businesses: Plough Hotel, Cheltenham, 1805-1889; Cirencester High School for Girls, 1901-1904; Buncombe and Co of Cirencester, Ironmongers, 1915-1915; Collingbourne and Avon Railway, 1888-1889; Cirencester Waterworks Company Ltd, 1882-1891; Cirencester and District Dairy Company, 1893; Fielder, Goulter and Rich, 1876-1912; Cirencester Tennis Company, 1926
Associations: Gloucestershire Society for the Prosecution of Felons, 1774-1846; Cirencester Conservative Benefit Society, 1877-1934; Cirencester Horticultural Society, 1907-1909; Cirencester Society in London, 1875-1954
Maps and Plans, 1763-1944
Miserden Estate, 1859-1913
Family and Testamentary (alphabetical by surname), 1686-1970
Miscellaneous Material, 1792-1918
NotesFollowing the merger of the practices of Messrs Mullings, Ellett and Co. and Messrs Sewell, Rawlins and Logie in 1991, a large quantity of material was deposited at Gloucestershire Archives (AccNo 8045). This material forms part of the collections of Mullings, Ellett and Co. (D1388) and Messrs Sewell, Rawlins and Logie (D181) and has not been physically re-arranged. Most of this material was identified as relating to Sewell, Rawlins and Logie with a smaller group of records relating to Mullings, Ellett and Co. Where it was not possible to confirm which firm material relates to, it has been assumed to be part of the Sewell, Rawlins and Logie collection (D181).

Unusually for a solicitors' collection, the Mullings archive has a fascinating connection with the literary works of Richard Jefferies (b.1848), journalist and author of 'Hodge and his Masters' (1880). This publication is widely regarded as a prime source for English rural life in the 1870s and is now recognised as being based on Jefferies' experiences in Cirencester and in particular his friendship with John Mullings (whose office is affectionately described in the chapter 'The Solicitor').

Gloucestershire Archives is grateful for an award from the National Cataloguing Grants Programme for Archives during 2014-2016 which made it possible to catalogue this large and significant collection. We are also grateful to the volunteers who helped the project archivist by compiling and enhancing catalogue entries for some types of records.

Accession 14014.1 was appraised and 43 of 65 items returned to depositor, August 2016.
Admin HistoryEstablished in 1819, when Joseph Mullings, a young solicitor from Devizes (Wiltshire) moved to Cirencester and formed Mullings and Co, Solicitors, the early firm had close ties to the Bevir family and their legal practice.
This firm has been though a number of formulations, most notably Mullings, Ellett and Co.. As a well-established family firm, five generations of the Mullings Family have practised in the town and have been deeply involved with a number of local bodies and charities.
Custodial HistoryDeposited by Mullings Ellett and Co of Cirencester, solicitors, except accessions 8045 and 14014.2, which were deposited by Sewell, Mullings and Logie of Cirencester, solicitors
Family archives
Estates (land)
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Access ConditionsThis collection is privately owned and is made available to users by the kind agreement of the depositor. Access to some records is with written permission of the Senior Partner of Sewell Mullings Logie LLP, 7 Dollar Street, Cirencester GL7 2AS. Information contained in this collection is made available in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, as well as with the access provisions of the General Data Protection Act 2018.
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