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TitleTewkesbury Borough Records
Borough charters 1649, 1689, 1698 (TBR A14)

Burgess rolls 1686-1915 (TBR A4); declarations of office holders 1828-1879, 1905-1973 (TBR A5)

Borough minutes and orders 1575-1899, 1948-1974 (TBR A1); Paving and Lighting Commissioners' minutes 1786-1832 (TBR A7); Local Board of Health minutes 1850-1896 (TBR A9); Urban District Council minutes 1896-1948 (TBR A10); register of mortgages 1786-1819; mortgages and drafts 1856-1890 (TBR A9); borough seal register 1963-1974 (TBR Acc 7337)

Financial records:
Chamberlains' accounts 1686-1862 (TBR A3); Paving Commissioners' accounts 1786-1819 (TBR A7)

Judicial records:
Borough court minutes 1686-1786, 1821-1839 (TBR A2); borough gaol register of prisoners 1815-1854 (TBR A13)
Tewkesbury Borough Coroner: inquest files 1733-1791 (TBR B4, 10)

Estate records:
Deeds c.1610-1914 (TBR A14); *deeds of 65/66 Barton Street, Tewkesbury, 1741-1966

Charities: minutes of trustees of Barnes Charity 1835-1881 (TBR D2)

Tewkesbury Hospital: annual reports 1866-1884 (TBR D8); visitors' report book 1949-1974 (Acc 7337)

Tewkesbury British Schools (later County Junior and Queen Margaret's County Primary): reports 1813-1906 (TBR)
Tewkesbury Grammar School: managers' or governors' minutes 1766-1836 (TBR D2)

Parish: poor rates 1780-1781, 1785, 1792-1793, 1842 (TBR A6); parish maps 1825, c.1870 (TBR A18)

Departmental records

Town Clerk:
Sample papers of Tewkesbury Relief Committee 1907 (TBR A26); miscellaneous papers of clerk c.1600-1916, including pre-inclosure survey of parish 1808 and papers concerning proposed new town hall 1772-1773; letter books 1918-1930; register of mortgages 1861-1945; maps of Local Government Boundary Commission proposals 1960; development plans and town map 1947-1960; plans of housing schemes 1944-1947 (TBR B1-154)

Ledger 1931-1939; rate accounts book 1925-1938; valuation lists 1854, c.1925-1948, 1950-1957; housing ledger 1916-1927; treasurer's accounts 1944-1956; loans ledgers 1942-1962; rate books 1913-1963; salaries registers 1947-1963; housing revenue accounts 1955-1964 (TBR C3); *rate produce record 1968-1977; printed annual accounts 1939-1971 (TBR Acc 6277); *general ledgers 1958-1974 (TBR Acc 7455)

Reports to committee 1909-1937; miscellaneous plans 1893-1966 (TBR C2)
* Building plans and applications c.1886-1974

Weights and Measures:
Register of weights and measures inspections 1860-1889 (TBR Cl)

Photographs, prints and postcards of Tewkesbury 19th-20th cents.; 'Tewkesbury Monthly Record' 1853-1855; 'Tewkesbury Weekly Record' 1855, 1869-1921 [gaps]; 'Tewkesbury Register' 1858-1861; 'Tewkesbury Parochial Magazine' 1883-1889; election posters and broadsides 1775-1911 (TBR E1-27 and Acc 7337)

Associated and superseded authorities

Cordwainers Guild:
Minutes 1562-1655, 1718-1941; accounts 1599-1903; rules and orders 1602-1724 (TBR D1)

Key Bridge Trustees:
Minutes 1808-1851; register of tolls 1808-1850; accounts 1829-1861; correspondence and papers 1808-1855 (TBR A15)

Tewkesbury Burial Board:
Minutes 1854-1890 (TBR Acc 7668)
Tewkesbury Burial Authority:
Minutes 1891-1946; accounts 1912-1958; register of fees 1857-1876 (TBR A11); deeds and legal papers 1824-1947 (TBR)

Tewkesbury Common Trustees:
Papers (1791)-1940 (TBR A17)

Tewkesbury Union: registers of births 1871-1887, marriages 1838-1850 and vaccination 1853-1871; overseers' accounts for Tewkesbury 1906-1924 (TBR B57-63)

Joint Committees

Tewkesbury Joint Hospital Committee:
Minutes 1910-1935; letter books 1931-1936; accounts 1924-1936; Isolation Hospital register 1897-1937 (TBR B100)
NotesAccessions 3020, 7455, 9190.4 and 10885 are uncatalogued
Much of this list was compiled, checked and revised by Gloucestershire Record Office staff while the collection was in the hands of Tewkesbury Borough Council, 1950-1969 and 1975
Custodial HistoryDeposited by Tewkesbury Borough Council, 26 February and 19 August 1974, 23 January 1976, 25 April 1977, 7 November 1990, 2 May 1996, 9 January and 16 April 1997, 23 April 2002, 24 April 2002, 20 March 2007 and 27 February 2020, and by the Tewkesbury Museum Trustees, 14 December 1995 and 31 March 1998; and given by the Tewkesbury Museum Trustees, 13 March 1994; Tewkesbury Museum was established c.1964. It was originally run by the Borough, and the archives it collected and later deposited at the Record Office have therefore been treated as part of the Tewkesbury Borough archives. Following the local government re-organisation in 1974, the "new" Tewkesbury Borough Council did not take on responsibility for the museum and in 1978 a group of five trustees took over its management. Mrs Edna Linnell acted as curator until her death in 1986, her husband Brian Linnell then taking over until c.1995. The museum now employs the services of a professional curator (based at the John Moore museum) for one day a week. Museum accession details and reference numbers, where known, are given in square brackets in this list
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