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TitleFaculty papers
DescriptionThese are the annual bundles of faculty papers formerly stored in the Diocesan Registry, and which will be added to every few years.

The years represented are 1872-1878, 1896-1903, 1905, 1908 - present. Some out size rolls
Bundles of faculties, with their accompanying correspondence, petitions, citations, drawings etc, are stored in boxes according to the year in which they were granted. Bundles commence with year 1872, (NO faculties included for the years 1872-1878) and exist for the years 1896-1903, 1905, then 1908 onwards. The great majority of faculties are accompanied by a petition and citation, and some have plans, sketches, tracings etc and correspondence relating to the faculty request. All bundles have been renumbered in chronological order within their year and listed accordingly. When the faculty is for a memorial, the name of the person being commemorated is given if shown. Correspondence has not been noted unless considered of particular interest. The Diocesan Advisory Committee was set up in 1919, and bundles from 1919/23 onwards include correspondence from this Committee.

The bundles have been indexed by parish, and by name of architects, artist/craftsmen, manufacturers, builders and electrical engineers, etc. Sometimes these are only mentioned in the correspondence, in other cases their names appear on the accompanying designs.
Bundles in the boxes for 1872-1878 have no Faculty papers, they are arranged in chronological order according to Citation or Petition papers. Bundles for 1896 onwards have faculties included
9.4.1936 Kingswood (Nr. Wotton): memorial tablet
11. 1.1937 Stroud: childrens corner
17.8.1937 Westbury-on-Seven: electric lighting.
Not numbered
7.06.90 Cranham: Roof repairs Archdeacon's Certificate 1 bdl.
Not numbered
20.0994 South Cerney sale of ancient fragments to British Museum Chancellors Faculty. 1 bdl.
Not numbered
17.09.96 Duntisbourne Abbots Heating and lighting (disputed faculty, later granted) Chancellors 1 bdl.
Unnumbered papers
20.09.94 South Cerney Sale of ancient fragments to British Museum C 1 bdl.
17.09.96 Duntisbourne Abbots Disputed faculty to improve heating and lighting (faculty granted) Chancellors 1 bdl.
1997 Welford-on-Avon Disputed faculty to replace pews with chairs (faculty petition withdrawn) C 1 bdl.
Unnumbered papers
1991 Eastington Stained glass window, engraved window A 1 bdl.

Withdrawn/failed petitions
15.9.1937 Nailsworth: re-order seating
19.7.1937 Ampney St. Peter: electric lighting
27.11.1937 Gloucester, St. Nicholas: "Wheeler" memorial tablet
19.8.1937 Shipton Moyne: electric lighting
Oct., 1937 Bream: "Johnstone" grave space
Oct., 1937 Parkend: lychgate
Dec., 1937 Hasfield: memorial brass tablet
Dec., 1937 Blockley: children's corner
Dec., 1937 Oxenhall: brass tablets
9.4.1936 Kingswood (Nr. Wotton): memorial tablet
11.1.1937 Stroud: children's corner
17.8.1937 Westbury-on-Severn: electric lighting
(Petition only) 27.7.1938 Cheltenham, St. Philip & St. James:
(1) "Giles" memorial tablet
(2) Improvement to heating
NotesWhen ordering up a bundle please quote the GDR F1/1 reference together with the year and bundle number e.g. GDR F1/1/1872/1
Admin HistoryThe system for issuing faculties changed around April 1993 with the Archdeacon given slightly extended jurisdiction in faculty matters to issue faculties for minor works. Until 2012 the faculties were numbered by the Diocesan Registrar as each case was closed and sent to Gloucestershire Archives; as a result, numbering is not in strict chronological order.
TermDiocesan archives
Church administration
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