Held AtGloucestershire Archives
Alt Ref NoGDR
TitleDiocese of Gloucester
DescriptionBishop and Archdeacons:

Diocesan court books, act books, visitation books and surveys of the diocese 1541-1960 (GDR volumes); bishop's act books 1921-1963 (GDR A1/3); Acts and reports of Diocesan Synod 1970-1983; *Diocesan Synod minutes, 1984-1998; (GDR Accession 9867) bishop's visitation 1991 (GDR Accession 7334); miscellaneous papers of individual bishops 1777-2000 (GDR A14); notes and correspondence relating to bishop's palace 1910-1955 (GDR A13); correspondence of successive bishops, mainly with individual parishes ( including reference to ordination of women) c.1924-2000 (GDR V14, *GDR Accessions 8897 & 9724); papers of Archdeacon W T Wardle of Gloucester 1938-1981; *records of the Archdeaconry of Gloucester 1936-1999; *Gloucester Archdeaconary Pastoral Sub Committee minutes, 1990-1996; *Cheltenham Archdeaconary Pastoral Sub Committee minutes, 1990-1995 (*GDR Accession 9867); papers of the Archdeacon of Cheltenham including Bland case 1928-1972 (GDR A8); *records of the Archdeaconry of Cheltenham, (1846)-2007 (GDR A8); articles of enquiry and visitation charge, 1989-1997; Diocesan Annual Reports and Accounts 1958-1978, 1994; Diocesan Magazines 1906-1994 (GDR A16); Diocesan Directories 1996-2016; Gloucester Diocesan Trust finance committee minutes 1927-1972, *1971-1994 (*GDR Accession 9867); Annual Reports *1911-1957 (*GDR Accession 9867), 1950-1957 and accounts 1931-1933, 1955-1964, 1971-1972; correspondence and minutes c.1957-1985; trust deeds, schemes, reports, correspondence, etc relating to individual parishes (1841)-1983 (GDR A17/1); Diocesan Board of Finance minutes 1925-1959, *1964-1999 (GDR Accession 9867), committee minutes 1888-1988; *Board of Finance Budget Review Group minutes, 1989-1994 (GDR Accession 9867); journal 1955-1970; cash accounts 1955-1974 and register of grants 1913-1945; parish quota ledgers 1913-1980; Union of Benefices survey 1919; St Nicholas (Gloucester) church restoration committee minutes 1925-1928; papers concerning applications for grants to increase stipends 1939-1976; individual parish files 1936-1987; church fabric inspection reports 1976-1990; faculty correspondence files 1980s-1990s; redundancy papers concerning All Saints, Barton Street, 1980s-1990s, Gloucester and photographs (1950s taken by Robert Paterson) 1950s, 1990s (GDR A17/2); Diocesan Conference minutes and reports 1905-1951, 1971-1974 (GDR A17/3), *photographs c.1970 (GDR Accession 9867); Diocesan Sunday School Association minutes 1909-1935 (GDR A17/4); Diocesan Pastoral Committee minutes 1949-1977, *1985-1998 (GDR A17/5, *GDR Accession 9867); Diocesan Missionary Council minutes 1907-1986 and reports 1952-1986 (GDR A17/6); Diocesan Association for the Deaf minutes, reports and accounts 1947-1979; *chairman's correspondence, 1982-1991; chairman's reports, 1986-1991; annual reports, 1989-1992 (GDR A17/8, *GDR Accession 10135); schedule of bells in diocese for preservation 1983 (GDR A17/9); Diocesan Council for Social Work Committee minutes 1911-1983, accounts and reports 1968-1983 (GDR A17/7); *Diocesan Board of Social Responsibility: reports and copy minutes 1981-1983; records including case reports 1915-c.1925 and case list 1919-1925, of St Mary's Lodge, Gloucester; reports of Gloucester Diocesan Association for Preventative and Rescue Work 1919-1924; "Special Committees" minutes 1918-1945 (GDR A17/2); Diocesan Board of Women's Work minutes 1947-1962 (GDR A17/12); Women's Board and executive minutes 1922-1957; Diocesan Council of Education minutes 1934-2009; survey and register of schools 1924-1983; correspondence files, reports and other records 1935-1991 (GDR A17/10); Diocesan Education Committee minutes and reports 1982-1983 (GDR Acc 6346); Diocesan Lay Readers Board minutes 1938-1984 (GDR A17/13); Diocesan Advisory Committee on Faculties and the Care of Churches' secretary's correspondence and related papers (1900)-1985; *minutes on war memorials 1919-1928, minutes 1928-2013; 2014-2017 (GDR A17/15, *GDR Accession 9867); Diocesan Stewardship Committee minutes, agenda and papers 1965-1981 (GDR A17/17); Diocesan Secretary's papers relating to the ordination of women 1990-1991 (GDR A18/1); minutes of archdeacons and rural deans 1940-1946 (GDR A8); staff meeting agendas 1961-1979 (GDR D19/5); *Bishop's Council minutes, 1989-1998; *Priorities Review Group minutes, 1994; *General Purposes Committee minutes, 1990-2000; *Houses Committee minutes, concerning parsonages and other properties owned by the Diocese, 1989-1995; *Glebe committee minutes, 1986-1992; *Council for Mission minutes, 1987-1994; *Church House Club Committee minutes, 1956-1979; *Glenfall House committee minutes, 1991-1992; *Assets Committee minutes, 1993-1996; *papers of David Verey 1960s-1980s; *register of seals, 1974-1988 (*GDR Accession 9867); *Diocesan Advisory Committee, survey of parishes, 1886-1922; *Quinquennial Inspection Reports 1968-2005, Diocesan Advisory Committee files 1968-1984; Geoffrey Sidaway, Archdeacon of Gloucester: orders of service and addresses for visitation services, 2004-2011; *Hedley Ringrose, Archdeacon of Cheltenham: papers relating to visitations, 1999-2009, Swannick conference 2002 and churchwardens workshops, 2000-2008 (accession 12669.1); *newscuttings about the life of the Diocese, including one concerning the National Church Congress held in Cheltenham, 1912-1928 (accession 14171)

Consistory Court act book 1886-1898, accounts 1832-1863, minutes 1771-1857 and 70 boxes of cause papers, 16th-19th cents. (GDR Bl-B4); visitation fee books 1707-1857 (GDR C2); visitation papers 1676-1995 (GDR C3, GDR Acc 7392); Gloucester archdeaconry presentments 1934-1980 and visitation notes 1957-1981; miscellaneous churchwardens' presentments 1591-1987; archdeacon's and rural deans' visitation records 1928-1970s; visitation charges for Gloucester archdeaconry 1992 and Cheltenham archdeaconry 1995 (GDR C4)

Presentations 1541-1964 (GDR D1); nominations 1604-1955 (GDR D2); grants of next presentation 1553-1706 (GDR D3); abstracts of title to advowsons 1878-1923; register of transfers of advowsons 1899-1971; transfers of patronage 1979-1987 (GDR D5); bishop's notices of vacancies in benefices 1901-1951 and of suspensions of presentations to benefices 1957-1980 (GDR D6); institution bonds 1542-1775 (GDR D7); letters testimonial 1682-1907 (GDR D8); subscription books 1875-1909 (GDR D9); bishop's commissions 1725-1905 (GDR Dl0); Gloucester archdeaconry induction mandates 1949-1981 (GDR D11); registers of non-resident clergy 1858-1919 (GDR D13); resignations of clergy 1543-1956 (GDR D14); *personnel files of deceased clergy 1960-2008 (GDR Accessions 8660, 9724, 10665, 11353, 11406); Registrar's sequestrations book 1831-1903 and papers 1831-1933 (GDR D16); papers concerning union and disunion of benefices 1735-1967 (GDR D17); register of benefices vacant 1963-1986 (GDR D20/1); licences for divine worship 1823-1936 (GDR D18)

Register of ordinations 1923-1944 (GDR E4/3); deacons' ordination papers 1715-1877 (GDR E1); priests' ordination papers 1715-1877 (GDR E2); ordination papers 1932-1985 (GDR E3); ordinand's subscription books 1874-1957 (GDR E7); nominations of and licences to stipendiary curates 1715-1914 (GDR E9-10); director of ordinands' correspondence 1977-1989 (GDR E);*licences under seal 1934-1963 (GDR Accession 9119)

Faculties 1873-2018 (GDR F1); consecration papers 1832-1946 (GDR F2); minutes of Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Church Building Association 1837-1858 (GDR F3); papers concerning building, repair and sale of parsonage houses 1839-1985 (GDR F4); dilapidations books 1877-1931 and surveyor's reports 1872-1982; Diocesan Dilapidations Board minutes 1924-1973 and accounts 1957-1965; Diocesan Parsonages Board minutes 1973-1985; Diocesan Houses Committee minutes 1985-1988 (GDR F5); papers concerning burial grounds 1825-1948 (GDR F6); reports on repair of churches 1918-1981 (GDR F7); *quinquennial inspection reports 1970s-2004; *building plans of various churches, 1930s-1980s (GDR Accessions 9494 and 9507); *reports on various churches under Inspection of Churches Measure 1955, c.1982-c.1987; inventories mainly for churches in Hawkesbury deanery 1935-1948 (GDR Acc 7392); records of episcopal estates, chiefly at Brockworth, Brookthorpe, Gloucester, Hardwicke, Harescombe, Hartpury, Longford, Maisemore, Preston (nr Ledbury), Hope Mansel (Herefs) and Much Dewchurch (Herefs), including registers of leases 1715-1721, 1830-1856, leases and deeds 1661-1905, Maisemore manorial records 1753-1867 and estate papers 1647-1853, estate rentals 1681-1856 and surveys 1647-1844 (GDR G1-3); *photographic slides (35mm) of various churches including Sharpness and Breadstone 1987 (GDR Accession 9507); *architect's plans for rebuilding Bishop's Palace, undated [early/mid 20th cent?] (GDR Accession 8108)

Registrar's accounts 1771-1823 (GDR J2); numbered series of miscellaneous Registrar's papers 1662-1950, including resignations of benefices 1932-1945, and Ecclesiastical Commissioners' grants to benefices 1893-1955 (GDR Diocesan Registry Papers); papers relating to trust established by Dr Andrew Bell to promote Madras system of education 1831-1847 (GDR Kl); convocation papers 1640-1936 (GDR L1-49); dissenters' meeting house certificates 1784-1838 (GDR N2); confirmation returns 1903-2000 (GDR P2); *confirmation returns 2001-2005 (Accessions 9128 , 9434, 9794, 10240, 10578); register of adult baptisms 1955-1973 (GDR P3); marriage licence bonds 1730-1823 and allegations 1637-1837; surrogates subscriptions register 1846-1973 (GDR Q1-3); *Registrar's papers and correspondence concerning cases in Consistory Court, 1999-2003; papers concerning institutions and resignations of parish clergy, 1976-2001; papers concerning pieces of medieval sculpture from South Cerney church, on loan to British Museum, 1982-1995 (Accession 10083)

Original wills 1541-1857, and inventories 1587-1800; registered copy wills 1667-1857; wills proved in Gloucestershire peculiar courts 1590-1833 (GDR Wills and Inventories); District Probate Registry registers of wills 1858-1941 (Wills); Registrar's indexes of acts and administrations 1541-1858 (GDR R7); also some 'dispersed wills' pre-dating the creation of the diocese, the earliest dated 1508

Papers concerning schoolmasters 1578-1855 (GDR S1); deeds of school sites 1842-1905: Avening 1842; Blakeney 1876; Bream (Junior) 1855-1867; Leckhampton 1904; Nympsfield 1905; Sandhurst 1848; Sevenhampton 1870; Tidenham Chase 1899; deed of Rodmarton school house 1868 (GDR S2); diocesan school inspector's reports 1872-1954 (GDR S3); Diocesan Council of Education minutes 1949-1952 and annual reports 1935-1957 (GDR S5); Diocesan Church Schools Committee minutes 1935-1950, cash book 1935-1952, and Appeal Fund Committee minutes 1937-1946 (GDR S5); files concerning closed schools c.1950-c.1980; *correspondence files concerning schools, (1848)-2002 (GDR Accession 9730)

Tithe apportionments and maps 1837-1927 (GDR T1); Todenham rector's tithe accounts 1957-1961 (GDR T2); Hasfield inclosure award 1797 (GDR U1); Siddington inclosure award and map 1779 (GDR U1); bishop's transcripts of parish registers 1569-1929 (GDR V1); glebe terriers and inventories 1572-1949 (GDR V5); terriers and inventories of parishes in the Archdeaconry of Gloucester, 1915, 1970s-1990s; Registrar's miscellaneous papers 1706-1944 (GDR V6); Orders in Council 1844-1986 (GDR V7); papers concerning peculiar jurisdictions of Bibury, Bishops Cleeve and Withington c.1660-1780 (GDR W1-3)

Accession 13251: Additional diocesan records including: Diocesan annual reports, 1971-2003; Diocesan Trust register of members, c. 1977-c.1985; Bishop's Council minutes, (gaps in sequence),1973-2009; pastoral committee minutes, 1998-2009; general purposes committee minutes, 2000-2001; Diocesan Synod minutes, 2000-2005 and "Acts", 1999-2002; Council for ministry minutes, 1980-1985; 1986, 1987-1988, 1989-1991; Diocesan Advisory Committee weeded correspondence files for parishes beginning with B,C & D, 1960s-c. 2000; Diocesan world mission group world links "little red book" containing details of missionaries, undated; Church Urban Fund: final accounts, orders of services and lsit of trustees and committee members, 1990s; records of Girls Friendly Society, c.1950-c. 1980 including annual reports, 1950-1973, central council minutes, 1964-1980, financial record and branch reports, 1953-1983; records of of the Gloucester Diocesan Council for Moral/Social Welfare including minutes 1964-1980, minutes of deanery branches (South Forest deanery, 1935-1958, Northleach deanery, 1945-1948; Tetbury deanry, 1964-1982, Gloucester City deanery, 1948-1983); receipt and payment accounts, 1945-1948, 1961-1980 and papers concerning St Mary's lodge; file entitled "church extension committee- new housing areas"" 1955-1958; Diocesan redundant churches committee correspondence file relating to Lassington, 1969-1976; [Diocesan Secretary's] correspondence files as follows: Faith in the City, General Synod- partmerns in mission; Meissen declaration, Salvation in the Church; General Synod- alternative service;General Synod- covenanting proposals; Strategy for Church Ministry; Marriage and the Church's task; Care of Cathedrals & care of Churches and ecclesiastical jurisdiction measure (2 files); bundles entitled "income & expenditure accounts", 1987-1988; OS sheets shaded to show parishes within deaneries, [1897] (16 volumes)

Accession 13466: Faculty registers, 1964-2006; Bishop's Act Book, 1963-1991; Houses & Glebe minutes, 1996-2009; Board of Finance minutes and papers, 2004-2009; Asset Committee minutes, 2002 only; Diocesan Stewardship committee minutes, 1971-1994; Pensions & Assistance Committee minutes, `1965-1985; "Pastoral account- grant" file, 1999-2001; Gloucester Diocesan Association for Moral Welfare Work annual reports, 1960-1962, 1964-1969; Cheltenham Deanery Association for Social Work annual reports & balance sheets, 1965-1980, constitution 1954; Closed Churches files including minutes, c.1978-2013; Civic burial ground consecration deeds (Berkeley, 1956; Cinderford, 1956; Cheltenham cemetary (additional land), 1969

Accession 14675: Gloucester Diocesan Mothers Union records [box listed], (1890)-2014

Accession 15327: Administration files concerning individual appraised schools: Boxes for Amberley Parochial; Ampney Crucis and Bagendon; Ann Cam, Dymock and Ebrington & St James, Chipping Campden; Barnwood; Bluecoat, Wotton-under-Edge; Brimscombe; Bussage and Bromesberrow; Cam Hopton and Cranham; Christchurch, Cheltenham; Hardwicke and Hillesley; Holy Apostles, Charlton Kings; Horsley; Leonard Stanley; Horton and Minsterworth; Huntley; Lechlade; Mitcheldean; Miserden, Moreton-in-Marsh, Newnham and North Nibley; Painswick; Powell's, Cirencester and St Andrews, Chedworth: St Mary's Infants & Junior, Prestbury and Oakridge; Sapperton & St Briavels; St Matthew's, Cainscross and St Mark's, Cheltenham; Staunton and Corse; Tetbury Infants & Juniors; Thornbury; Westbury on Severn and Withington; Winchcombe; Woodchester, and a number of individual files for other schools

Accession 15427:Files of correspondences re the following schools Uley Church of England Primary, Upton St Leonards Church of England Primary, Willersey Church of England Primary, St John's Mead Church of England Primary, St James Church of England Junior, Tutshill Church of England Primary, Hatherop Church of England Primary, Trinity Church of England Primary, Shurdington Church of England Primary, Sherborne Church of England Primary, Hartpury Church of England Primary, Haresfield Church of England Primary, Fairford Church of England Primary, Siddington Church of England Primary, English Bicknor Church of England Primary, Down Ampney Church of England Primary, Deerhurst and Apperley Church of England Primary, Cold Aston Church of England Primary, St John's Coleford Church of England Primary, Tewkesbury Church of England Primary, Stone with Woodford Church of England Primary, Minchinhampton Church of England Primary, North Cerney Church of England Primary, Lakefield, Highnam Church of England, Blockley Church of England, Cheltenham St James Church of England, Kings Stanley Church of England Primary, Kempsford Church of England Primary, Hawkesbury Church of England Primary, Hope Brook, Longhope Church of England Primary, Hempsted Church of England Primary, Holy Trinity Church of England Primary, Ann Edwards Church of England Primary, Ashleworth Church of England Primary, Aylburton Church of England Primary, Bibury Church of England Primary, Bisley Church of England Primary, Bream Church of England Primary, Clearwell Church of England Primary, Coberley Church of England Primary, St Andrews Church of England Primary, Watermoor Church of England Primary, Whitminster Church of England Primary, St John's Church of England Primary, Southrop Church of England Primary, Temple Guiting Church of England Primary, St Paul's Church of England Primary, Stratton Church of England Primary, Swell Church of England Primary, Redmarley Church of England Primary, Longney Church of England Primary, Coaley Church of England Primary, Primronse Hill Church of England Primary, Littledean Church of England Primary, Longborough Church of England Primary, Lydney Church of England Primary, Meysey Hampton Church of England Primary, Leckhampton Church of England Primary, and Kingsholm Church of England Primary (Voluntary Controlled). also includes papers relating to the following schools: Sapperton Church of England, Prestbury Junior plans, Minsterworth Church of England, North Nibley, Newham, Ruardean Church of England, Redbrook Church of England, Randwick Church of England, Pauntley Church of English, Oldbury on Severn Church of England Primary, Old Sodbury, Oak Hill Church of England Primary, Norton Primary, Northleach Church of England Primary, Nailsworth Church of England Primary and Bishops’ College agendas and minutes 2005-2006. Education account files 1950-1996
NotesAccessions 3257, 3491, 3619, 7334, 7495, 7840, 7853, 7917, 8008, 8082, 8108, 8165, 8237, 8302, 8507, 8571, 8660, 8686, 8706, 8707, 8822, 8877, 8897, 8974, 8989 , 9119, 9128, 9129, 9475, 9494 , 9507, 9724 , 9730 , 9851, 9867, 10083, 10135, 10572, 10578, 10665, 10732, 11166, 11353, 12028, 12207, 12334, 12350, 13008, 13094,13251, 14141.1, 15327 and 15427 are uncatalogued

New Style dating has been used throughout the Catalogue.The number of documents in each bundle is given. In many cases this figure is only an approximation intended to indicate the size of the collection. Similarly, a few of the larger 'GDR volumes', where not foliated or paginated by F. S. Hockaday and not described in detail, have been given an approximate number of folios to indicate their size.Many volumes have been foliated or paginated more than once, but it is advisable when in doubt to follow F. S. Hockaday's blue pencil foliation where it exists, or the ordinary pencil foliation made during the present cataloguing. A higher folio or page number preceding a lower (e.g., ff. 10-3, pp. 312-260) indicates that the volume has been used from both ends.The spelling of place-names throughout this Catalogue has been taken from the 1967-1968 editions of the appropriate diocesan year books. Where there are variations within a year book the form more commonly found in the records has been adopted

See also D3439 for Hockaday's abstracts and indexes of material held in the Diocesan act books and other relevant records
ArrangementThe collection has been arranged as follows:

GDR Volumes

GDR/A The Diocese
GDR/A1 General Acts, 1792-1886
GDR/A2 Surveys of the Diocese, 1831-c.1863
GDR/A3 Diocesan Boundaries, 1875-1907
GDR/A4 Statistical Returns, 1906-1938
GDR/A5 Assistant Bishop, 1892
GDR/A6 Diocese of Bristol, 1846-1897
GDR/A7 Chancellors of the Diocese, 1859-1923
GDR/A8 Archdeacons, 1905-1936
GDR/A9 Rural Deans, 1876-20th cent.
GDR/A10 Appointments of Surveyors, 1886-1930
GDR/A11 Restitution of Temporalities, 1661-1830
GDR/A12 Seals, 1905-1946
GDR/A13 Episcopal Houses of Residence, 1837-1905
GDR/A14 Individual Bishops, 1777-1959
GDR/A15 Assessors' Election Papers, 1885-1929
GDR/A16 Printed Works, 1763-1947
GDR/A17 Boards and Committees
GDR/A18 Diocesan Officials
GDR/A19 Diocesan Synod
GDR/A20 Lay Workers

GDR/B Consistory Court
GDR/B1 Act Book, 1886-1898
GDR/B2 Account Book, 1832-1863
GDR/B3 Minutes of Court, 1771-1857
GDR/B4 Court Papers, 16th-20th cents.
GDR/B5 Penance, c.1579-1809
GDR/B6 Excommunication, 1701-1806
GDR/B7 Chancellor's Orders, 1697
GDR/B8 Fees, 1677
GDR/B9 Apparitors, 1592-1835

GDR/C Visitation
GDR/C1 General, 1597-1883
GDR/C2 Visitation Accounts, 1690-1896
GDR/C3 Visitation Papers, 1683-1943
GDR/C4 Churchwardens' Presentments, 1591-1960
GDR/C5 Ministers' Articles of Enquiry, c.1680-1960
GDR/C6 Churchwardens' Accounts, 1684-1732
GDR/C7 Church Inventories, 1681-1914
GDR/C8 Midwives and Surgeons, 17th cent.-1775

GDR/D Benefice and Incumbent
GDR/D1 Presentations, 1541-1964
GDR/D2 Nominations, 1604-1955
GDR/D3 Grants of Next Presentation, 1553-1706
GDR/D4 Patrons' Petitions, 1736-1897
GDR/D5 Advowsons, 1626-1926
GDR/D6 Bishop's Notices, 1901-1951
GDR/D7 Institutions, Collations and Licensings, 1542-1941
GDR/D8 Letters Testimonial, 1617-1907
GDR/D9 Subscriptions, 1640-1949
GDR/D10 Commissions, 1725-1905
GDR/D11 Induction Mandates, 1606-1830
GDR/D12 Dispensations in Plurality, 17th cent.-1923
GDR/D13 Non-Residence on Benefices, 1804-1933
GDR/D14 Resignations, 1545-1956
GDR/D15 Relinquishment of Holy Orders, 1871-1918
GDR/D16 Sequestrations, 1711-1945
GDR/D17 Union and Disunion of Benefices, 1735-1929
GDR/D18 Licences for Divine Worship, 1823-1936
GDR/D19 General, 1716-c.1914

GDR/E Ordinands and Curates
GDR/E1 Deacons' Papers, 1715-1877
GDR/E2 Priests' Papers, 1715-1877
GDR/E3 Ordinands' Papers, 1718-1810
GDR/E4 Lists of Ordinands, 1715-1912
GDR/E5 Ordination Advertisement, 1806
GDR/E6 Ordination Sermon, 1876
GDR/E7 Ordinands' Subscriptions, 1874-1907
GDR/E8 Miscellaneous Ordination Papers, 1719-1783
GDR/E9 Nominations to Stipendiary Curacies, 1715-1914
GDR/E10 Licences to Stipendiary Curacies, 1766-1908
GDR/E11 Curates' Subscriptions, 1874-1925

GDR/F Fabric
GDR/F1 Faculties, 1619-1958
GDR/F2 Consecration Papers, 1832-1910
GDR/F3 Church Building, 1750-1909
GDR/F4 Parsonage Houses, 1768-1935
GDR/F5 Dilapidations, 1857-1931
GDR/F6 Burial Grounds, 1845-1948
GDR/F7 Inspection and repair of churches

GDR/G Episcopal Estates
GDR/G1 Registers of Leases, 1715-1856
GDR/G2 Leases, 1661-1905
GDR/G3 Estate Books and Papers, 1647-1856
GDR/G4 Orders in Council, 1847, 1855
GDR/G5 Leicestershire, 1834-1856

GDR/H Gloucester Cathedral
GDR/H1 Deans, 1569-1953
GDR/H2 Prebends and Canonries, 1562-1948
GDR/H3 Dean Newcombe, 1751

GDR/J Diocesan Registrars
GDR/J1 Appointments, 1898, 1905
GDR/J2 Accounts, 1705-1942
GDR/J3 Correspondence, 1858-1911
GDR/J4 General, 20th cent.

GDR/K Miscellanea
GDR/K1 Bell Papers, 1831-1847
GDR/K2 Deeds, 1725-1902
GDR/K3 Land Tax, 1799-1804
GDR/K4 General, 1596-1921

GDR/L Convocation
GDR/L1-49 Convocation Papers

GDR/M Charities

GDR/N Papists and Dissenters
GDR/N1 Papists, 1705-1780
GDR/N2 Dissenters, 1784-1838

GDR/O Correspondence and Petitions
GDR/O1 Miscellaneous, Correspondence, 1840-1863
GDR/O2 Petitions, 1687-1899

GDR/P Confirmation & Baptism
GDR/P1 Notices, 1834, 1849
GDR/P2 Returns, 1903-1966

GDR/Q Marriage
GDR/Q1 Marriage Licence Bonds, 1730-1823
GDR/Q2 Marriage Licence Allegations (Single), 1747-1837
GDR/Q3 Marriage Licence Allegations (Volumes), 1637-1823
GDR/Q4 Marriage Licences, 1714-1823
GDR/Q5 Marriage Licence Indexes, 1830-1906
GDR/Q6 Marriage Licence Abstracts, 1813-1830
GDR/Q7 Surrogates' Letters, 1717-1798
GDR/Q8 Surrogates' Appointments, 1815-1871
GDR/Q9 Surrogates' Bonds, 1754-1830
GDR/Q10-13 Marriage Licence Papers, 1686-1797
GDR/Q14 Roe Marriage Indexes

GDR/R Testamentary (Bibury Peculiar SEE also GDR/D678)

GDR/S Education
GDR/S1 Schoolmasters, 1578-1855
GDR/S2 School Sites, 1842-1905
GDR/S3 Diocesan Inspectors' Reports, 1872-1928
GDR/S4 Bristol, 1838-1853

GDR/T Tithe
GDR/T1 Tithe Apportionments and Maps, 1837-1927
GDR/T2 Tithe Books and Papers, 1792-1931

GDR/U Inclosure
GDR/U1 Awards, 1779, 1797, 1814
GDR/U2 General, 1765-1782

GDR/V Parish
GDR/V1 Bishop's Transcripts, 1569-1929
GDR/V2 Letters relating to the Transcripts, 1832
GDR/V3 Transcript Receipts, 1859-1871
GDR/V4 Parish Register Survey, 1813
GDR/V5 Glebe Terriers and Inventories, 1572-1914
GDR/V6 Parish Papers, 1706-1944
GDR/V7 Orders in Council, 1844-1909
GDR/V8 Parochial Libraries, 18th cent.
GDR/V9 Queen Anne's Bounty, 1753-1873
GDR/V10 Ecclesiastical Commissioners, 1865-1907
GDR/V11 Insurance, 1893-1904
GDR/V12 Fees, 1899-1936
GDR/V13 Churchwardens and Parish Clerks, 1711-1923

GDR/W Peculiar Jurisdictions
GDR/W1 Bibury
GDR/W2 Bishop's Cleeve

GDR/X Handlists

GDR/Y Diocesan Yearbooks

Admin HistoryThere have been many changes in the boundaries of the diocese and of its archdeaconries and rural deaneries, particularly since 1836. This table sets out the important dates and main changes; the many transfers of parishes between deaneries are not noted here, but are indicated in the index at the back of this book. 1541 3 Sept - Foundation of the diocese of Gloucester
Rural Deaneries:
Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bristol, Gloucester, Campden, Hawkesbury, Cirencester, Stonehouse, Dursley, Stow, Fairford, Winchcombe. Archdeaconry of Hereford: (The Archdeacon of Hereford retained his jurisdiction over the Forest deanery until 1836 when the deanery became part of Gloucester archdeaconry. His courts were held at Mitcheldean.)
1542 4 June - Foundation of the diocese of Bristol

The diocese of Gloucester remained as above, except that most of the large rural deanery of Bristol was transferred to the new diocese of Bristol, and only 10 parishes were left as the deanery of Bristol within the diocese of Gloucester.
This is the perpetuation of a mistake first published in to now disproved see Pxvi [note 1] of 'Records of the Diocese of Bristol'. (This affects the index entries for these parishes.)
These divisions remained the same until:1836 (Order in Council 5 Oct.) Union of the dioceses of Gloucester and Bristol Rural Deaneries:
Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Campden, Stonehouse, Stow, Forest, Winchcombe, Gloucester Archdeaconry of Bristol: Cirencester, Hawkesbury, Bristol, Fairford

1837 (Order in Council 19 July) Transfer of Cricklade and Malmesbury rural deaneries to the diocese of Gloucester and Bristol from the diocese of Salisbury (Archdeaconry of Wiltshire) Campden Stonehouse Bristol Fairford Rural Deaneries:Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Campden, Stonehouse, Stow, Forest, Winchcombe, Gloucester Archdeaconry of Bristol: Hawkesbury, Bristol, Fairford, Crickdale, Malmesbury, Cirencester

In the next thirty years the larger deaneries were gradually divided and came to be known as:
Forest North and Forest South
Stonehouse North and Stonehouse South
Winchcombe North and Winchcombe South
Bristol City and Bristol Rural
Hawkesbury North and Hawkesbury South
Malmesbury North and Malmesbury South 1870 - Creation of Northleach rural deanery
This was made up of parishes from Stow (Archdeaconry of Gloucester) and Cirencester (Archdeaconry of Bristol) rural deaneries; to avoid having to obtain an Order in Council the deanery was divided into North and South under one rural dean, and the parishes left in their respective archdeaconries.

1882 (Order in Council 30 Nov.) Creation of Archdeaconry of Cirencester. (This also regularized the 'North and South' divisions of rural deaneries)
Rural Deaneries: Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Dursley, Forest North, Forest South, Gloucester, Stonehouse North, Stonehouse South, Winchcombe North, Winchcombe South.
Archdeaconry of Bristol: Bristol City, Bristol Rural, Crickdale, Hawkesbury North, Hawkesbury South, Malmesbury North, Malmesbury South.Archdeaconry of Cirencester: Campden (from Archdeaconry of Gloucester), Northleach North (from Archdeaconry of Gloucester), Stow (from Archdeaconry of Gloucester), Cirencester (from Archdeaconry of Bristol), Fairford (from Archdeaconry of Bristol), Northleach South (from Archdeaconry of Bristol).
1886 (Order in Council 31 Dec.; London Gazette 7 Jan. 1887) Changes in names and boundaries Rural Deaneries:Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bisley (formerly Stonehouse North), Cheltenham (formerly Winchcombe South), Dursley, Gloucester, Forest North, Forest South, Stonehouse (formerly Stonehouse South), Winchcombe (formerly Winchcombe North)

Archdeaconry of Bristol: Bitton (formerly Hawkesbury South), Bristol (formerly Bristol City), Chippenham (formerly Malmesbury South), Cricklade, Hawkesbury (formerly Hawkesbury North), Malmesbury (formerly Malmesbury North), Stapleton (formerly Bristol Rural) Archdeaconry of Cirencester: Campden, Cirencester, Fairford, Northleach (formerly Northleach North and South), Stow

1897 (Order in Council 7 July) - The diocese of Bristol re-constituted with the following rural deaneries: Bitton, Cricklade, Bristol, Malmesbury, Chippenham, Stapleton (i.e., the former Archdeaconry of Bristol except Hawkesbury rural deanery)

The diocese of Gloucester now comprised:
1. Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bisley, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Hawkesbury, Dursley, Stonehouse, Forest North, Winchcombe, Forest South
2. Archdeaconry of Cirencester: Campden, Northleach, Cirencester, Stow, Fairford

1907 (Order in Council 9 May) - Changes in boundaries; two new rural deaneries (Tetbury and Tewkesbury) added. Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bisley, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Hawkesbury, Dursley, Stonehouse, Forest North, Tetbury, Forest South, Tewkesbury Archdeaconry of Cirencester: Campden, Northleach, Cirencester, Stow, Fairford, Winchcombe

1919 (Orders in Council 30 July and 31 Oct.) - Archdeaconry of Cirencester renamed the Archdeaconry of Cheltenham; some re arrangement of rural deaneries.
Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bisley, Gloucester, Dursley, Hawkesbury, Forest North, Stonehouse, Forest South, Tewkesbury Archdeaconry of Cheltenham: Campden, Northleach, Cheltenham, Stow, Cirencester, Tetbury, Fairford, Winchcombe

1952 - The rural deanery of Gloucester was divided into three: Gloucester City, Gloucester North, Gloucester South.
The present diocese of Gloucester is constituted as follows:
Rural Deaneries:
Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bisley, Dursley, Forest North, Forest South, Gloucester City, Gloucester North, Gloucester South, Hawkesbury, Stonehouse, Tewkesbury Archdeaconry of Cheltenham: Campden, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Fairford, Northleach, Stow, Tetbury, Winchcombe

APPENDIX II Bishops of Gloucester
John Wakeman (Wiche) 1541 (died 1549)
John Hooper 1550 Resigned April 1552; nominated Bishop of Worcester and Gloucester May 1552. The sees were divided after his deprivation. (deprived 1554)
James Brook(e)s 1554 (died 1558)
James Bowshier (Nominated on Brook's death, but prevented from becoming Bishop by the death of Queen Mary
Richard Cheyney Bishop of Bristol in commendam from April 1562. 1562 (died 1579)
John Bullingham Consecrated to the sees of Gloucester and Bristol; resigned Bristol in 1589. (Ballingham) 1581
Godfrey Goldsborough 1598
Thomas Ravis 1604/5
Henry Parry 1607 (tr. 1610)
Giles Thompson 1611
Miles Smith 1612
Godfrey Goodman 1624 (deprived 1640)
William Nicolson 1660
John Pritchett (Prichard) 1672
Robert Frampton 1681 (deprived 1690
Edward Fowler 1691
Richard Willis 1714
Joseph Wilcocks 1721
Elias Sydall 1731 (died 1733)
Martin Benson 1734
James Johnson 1752
William Warburton 1759
James Yorke 1779
Samuel Hallifax 1781
Richard Beadon 1789
George Isaac Huntingford 1802
Henry Ryder 1815
Christopher Bethell 1824
James Henry Monk The sees of Gloucester and Bristol were joined in 1836 (Order in Council 5 October 1836), and divided in 1897 (with effect from 1 January 1898.) 1830
Charles Thomas Baring 1856
William Thomson 1861
Charles John Ellicott 1863
Edgar Charles Summer Gibson 1905
Arthur Cayley Headlam 1923 (resigned 1945)
Clifford Salisbury Woodward 1946 (resigned 1953)
Wilfred Marcus Askwith 1954
Basil Tudor Guy 1963 (died 1975)

For biographical notes to 1815 see William Dugdale, Monasticon Anglicanum, vol. I (1817), pp. 538-539, and T. D. Fosbrooke, An Original History of the City of Gloucester (1819), pp. 93-99.

APPENDIX III Bishops of Tewkesbury
The first suffragan Bishop of Tewkesbury was consecrated on 24 February 1938
Augustine (Austin) John Hodson 1938
Edward Barry Henderson 1955
Forbes Trevor Horan 1960

APPENDIX IV Archdeacons of Gloucester from 1541
Nicholas Wotton (The last Archdeacon of Gloucester when it was an archdeaconry of the diocese of Worcester, and the first after the foundation of the see of Gloucester. 1541
John Williams 1554
Guy Eaton 1559
George Savage 1574
Robert Hill 1602
Samuel Burton 1607
Hugh Robinson Vacant from 1655 to 1660 1634
John Middleton 1660
Edward Pope 1662
John Gregory 1671
Thomas Hyde 1678
Robert Parsons 1702
Nathaniel Lye 1714
William Geekie 1737
Richard Hurd 1767
James Webster 1774
Timothy Stonhouse-Vigor 1804
Thomas Rudge 1814
John Timbrill 1825
Sir George Prevost, bt 1865
John William Sheringham 1881
John Phillips Allcot Bowers (The spelling of his second and third names varies, even in official reference books. This form was used on his archidiaconal seal.) 1902
Edward Chessall Scobell 1903
Walter Hobhouse 1917
Charles Henry Ridsdale 1919
Austin John Hodson 1933
Walter Thomas Wardle 1948

APPENDIX V Archdeacons of Cirencester and Cheltenham
The Archdeaconry of Cirencester was constituted by Order in Council 30 Nov. 1882
Henry Rudge Hayward 1882
John Stewart Sinclair 1908
Reginald Waterfield 1919
The Archdeaconry was re-constituted (with some changes of parishes) and renamed the Archdeaconry of Cheltenham by Order in Council 31 Oct. 1919
Reginald Waterfield 1919
George Lawrence Harter Gardner 1920
Alan Whitmore Cornwall 1924
Frederick William Sears 1932
Edmund Theodore Murray 1943
Ronald Huntley Sutch 1951
George Francis Hutchins 1965

APPENDIX VI Archdeacons of Bristol, 1836-1897
Thomas Thorp 1836
Henry Goldney Randall 1873
John Pilkington Norris 1881
Hemming Robeson 1891 (to 1904)

APPENDIX VII Deans of Gloucester
William Jennings 1541
John Man 1565 (died 1568)
Thomas Cowper (Cooper, Couper) 1569
Laurence Humphrey (Humfrey) 1570
Anthony Rudd 1584
Lewis Griffith 1594
Thomas Morton 1607
Richard Field 1609
William Laud 1616
Richard Senhouse 1621
Thomas Winniffe 1624
George Warburton 1631
Accepted Frewen 1631
William Brough 1644
Thomas Vyner 1671
Robert Frampton 1673 (later Bishop)
Thomas Marshall 1681
William Jane 1685
Knightly Chetwood 1707
John Waugh 1720
John Frankland 1723
Peter Allix 1729
Daniel Newcombe 1730
Josiah Tucker 1758 (died 1799)
John Luxmoore 1800 (resigned 1807)
John Plumptre 1808
Hon. Edward Rice 1825
Henry Law 1862 (died 1884)
Edward Henry Bickersteth 1885
Henry Montagu Butler 1885
Henry Donald Maurice Spence (-Jones) Spence-Jones from 1904, when he assumed his wife's surname and arms, in accordance with the provisions of a family will. 1886
Henry Gee 1917
Harold Costley-White 1938
Seiriol John Arthur Evans 1953

APPENDIX VIII Chancellors of the Diocese
John Williams and Richard Brown (joint) 1541
(Hugh Whittington granted partial jurisdiction 1545)
Thomas Powel occurs 1560
John Lowth (Louth) 1562
Thomas Powel 1565
Richard Green 1570
Thomas Powel c.1576
William Blackleach (Blackleech) Excommunicated 1588; restored 1590. 1581
Gilbert Borne 1588
William Blackleach (Blackleech) Excommunicated 1588; restored 1590. 1590
John Seaman 1600
Thomas Edwards (occurs with John Seaman) c. 1608
William Sutton 1623
William Sutton He was later deprived of office and Francis Baber (joint) 1627
Francis Baber 1631
John Nicholson 1669
Richard Parsons 1677
Henry Penrice 1711
James Benson 1752
Edward Thomas March Phillipps 1785
Charles James Monk 1859
Francis Henry Jeune 1885
Arthur Becher Ellicott 1891
Edward William Hansell 1920
William Montagu Graham-Harrison 1937
William Cleveland-Stevens 1946
Evelyn Garth Moore 1957

APPENDIX IX Registrars
John Taylor alias Barker c.1569
Richard Hands 1570
John Jones (Died in 1630 after being registrar to eight Bishops of Gloucester.) ante 1581
Henry Jones and Edward Goodman c.1630
Owen Brigstock and William Brigstock 1660
Richard Fowler 1698
Thomas Stephens and Edward Stephens 1712
William Mount 1736
William Mount and John Benson 1759
John Benson (This John Benson was the son of the one above (brother of Bishop Martin Benson), and was the brother of James Benson, Chancellor of the diocese from 1752 to 1785. Martin Benson, the next registrar, was the son of this John.) and Ralph Warburton Allen 1770
Martin Benson and Robert Fitzgerald Hallifax 1784
Charles James Monk (Nominated to the office by Bishop Monk, his father, on 14 Aug. 1837 at the age of thirteen. He renounced this on 18 July 1859, and was Chancellor of the diocese until 1885. He died 9 Nov. 1900.) and Thomas Holt (Resigned 16 Mar. and died 19 Apr. 1876) 1837
Benjamin Bonnor 1876 (died 3 Aug. 1898)
Frederic Hannam-Clark 1898
Walter Hyett Madge 1919 (resigned 1931)
Percy Lloyd 1932
Howard Alfred Gibson 1957
Custodial HistoryDeposited by the Gloucester Diocesan Registrar except accessions 3002, 3062, 3316, 3498, 3674, 4060, 4281, 4592, 4678, 4679, 4819, 5025, 5257, 5408, 5520, 5701, 5766, 5914, 6125, 6349, 6491, 6575, 6750, 6941, 7151, 7334, 7758, 7853, 8165, 8507, 8660, 8822 and 8897, which were deposited by the Bishop of Gloucester, accession 3257, which was given via Gloucester City Library, accessions 3321, 5065, 5278, 5386, 7184 and 7262, which were deposited by Gloucester Diocesan Board of Finance, accessions 3707, 3708, 3881, 4863, 6015, 6346 6358, 6431, 6766, 7049, 7722, 7917, 8008, 8108, 8122, 8250, 8302, 8584, 8585 and 8707, which were deposited, and accessions 7757, 7885, 8029 and 8686, which were given, by the Diocese of Gloucester, accessions 3491, 3619, 4224 and 4349, which were deposited by the Church Commissioners, accession 3586, which was given by F E B Witts, accessions 3691 and 6131, which were given by Bristol City Archives, accession 4008, which was deposited by the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, accessions 4115 and 5340, which were deposited by Madge, Lloyd and Gibson, solicitors, accession 4768, which was given by R W M Clouston, accessions 5839 and 7840, which were deposited by the Archdeacon of Cheltenham, accession 6135, which was deposited by Wellington and Clifford, solicitors, accession 6227, which was given by Miss Rosemary Ash, accession 6248, which was deposited by Mrs Elizabeth Ward, accession 6790, which was given by Mr R Stayt, accessions 7072, 7529 and 7778, which were deposited by Gloucester Diocesan Education Office, accessions 7392, 7352, 8082 and 8706, which were deposited by the Archdeaconry of Gloucester, accession 14171 which was deposited by the Diocese
TermDiocesan archives
Church administration
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