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TitleThe Gloucestershire Collection archives
Date15th cent.-20th cent.
DescriptionRecords relating to the county and parishes of Gloucestershire transferred as archives from 'The Gloucestershire Collection' formerly held at Gloucester Library
Admin HistoryUntil 1974, Gloucester City Library functioned also as a record office for the City of Gloucester and a local collection for the county as a whole, and it accumulated large holdings of manuscript and archival materials. At local government reorganisation in 1974 responsibility for archives was transferred to the County Record Office and in due course many of the discrete groups of archives at the Library were physically transferred to the Record Office (see GDR, D2957, D3117 etc for the major groups of such records). However, records which the Library staff had included within the printed 'Catalogue of the Gloucestershire Collection' in 1928 (usually referred to as the Austin catalogue) or its manuscript successors (the Austin Continuation or 'Red Catalogue' and subsequent card catalogue), were retained at the Library as it was thought that it would be confusing for users if parts of these collections were transferred. The superseding of these old finding aids by the new online LOCATE catalogue of local studies materials has at length enabled the archival collections to be separated from the whole collection and the physical transfer of archival materials to the Record Office was completed between 2001 and 2005. In addition to the records listed here, transfers in 2001 included the Hockaday Abstracts (D3439 Acc 8800) and the Smyth of Nibley papers (D8887), which have been separately accessioned.

The collections of the City Library came from a wide range of sources, and began with the opening of the public library in 1900. In 1917 the library embarked on a 'topographical rearrangement' of its local collections, which provided a framework into which subsequent accessions of material were fitted. Although the provenance of some items - especially volumes - was recorded on the document itself, where this was not done the original provenance (and thus the connection between related items) has often been lost, although it may often be suspected by internal evidence in the records.

The introduction to the Austin Catalogue identifies a number of major donors of material in the first 25 years of the library which can be recognised in the collection today. These include family papers of Sir Francis Hyett (1844-1941) which complement those in the large collection which he subsequently presented to the Record Office (D6); the collections of Edwin Lea, which included some of the Smyth of Nibley papers catalogued separately as D8887; the collections of F S Hockaday (d.1924), which have been catalogued separately as D3439; and a large archive of Messrs Vizards, solicitors of Dursley, which had been sent for salvage during the First World War and was rescued by Mr Page of Bath (this collection alone consisted of nearly 10,000 manuscripts and over 2,000 printed items).

The descriptions in this catalogue are largely based on the descriptions given in the the Austin Catalogue and its continuations. The Austin Catalogue used a simple running number for reference (1 up to 15333). Unfortunately, numbering began at 1 again for the Continuation Catalogue. Both series of numbers have been retained in this catalogue so that section D9125/1/1 onwards is used for Austin Catalogue items and D9125/2/1 onwards for the Continuation Catalogue items. Section D9125/3 comprises items acquired from the Phillipps Collection but not included in either Austin or the Continuation ('Red') Catalogue. Section D9125/4 comprises other items which either post-date the Continuation Catalogue or where their details were accidentally missed or lost from the library catalogues (for example, this is known to have happened in the 19[70]s when the Continuation Catalogue was being transferred to an early computer database).

Please note that the previous number field has been used to record the library's original accessioning system, an alpha-numeric code used to classify items by place, subject and storage location.

It is planned (as of 2005) that additional details will be added to these descriptions as time allows, particularly to identify provenance and links between related items.

During 2011 and 2015 two Archives volunteers, Margaret (Maggs) Skinner and Teri Sowerbutts, packaged and stock-checked all the documents contained in sections D9125/1 and D9125/2. This project was sponsored by the Friends of Gloucestershire Archives who met the cost of the packaging materials.
Custodial HistoryGiven by Gloucester Library (Gloucestershire Collection) 2000-2005
Related Material[See also D3439; D8887]
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