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Alt Ref NoD873
TitleThe Marling family
DescriptionDeeds of Stanley Park estate in Kings Stanley, Rodborough and Painswick 1541-1948; manorial records of the borough of Kings Stanley 1717-1889; plans of Stanley Park 1852-1948; estate papers 1803-1941; family papers 1804-1821 and correspondence 1831-1937
Marling and Evans of Ebley, clothiers: partnership and employment agreements 1825-1891; stock balances books 1842-1885; ledger 1881-1886; correspondence and miscellaneous papers 1859-1918
Kings Stanley parish valuation 1820-1822; vestry minutes 1829-1839
Selsley: papers concerning building of the church 1859-1889
Deeds, estate, family, and business records of the Marling family, clothiers, of King's Stanley, Stonehouse, and Stroud
D873/T1-59 King's Stanley
D873/T60-66 Stonehouse
D873/T67-70 Rodborough
D873/T71-81 Rodborough and King's Stanley
D873/T82-89 Stroud
D873/T90-99 Painswick
D873/T100 Berkeley
D873/T101 Out-County: Warwicks. and Worcs.
D873/T102 Bisley
D873/T103-104 King's Stanley (additional)
D873/T105-107 Out-County: Lancashire
D873/M1-8 Borough of King's Stanley
Maps and plans
D873/P1-2 Rodborough
D873/P3-11 King's Stanley: general
D873/P12-20 King's Stanley: Stanley Park
D873/P21 King's Stanley, Leonard Stanley and Rodborough
D873/P22-25 Stonehouse
D873/P26-27 Out-County: Lancashire
D873/E1-12 Leases
D873/E13-19 Abstracts of title and copy deeds
D873/E20-23 Estate memoranda
D873/E24-29 Sale particulars
D873/E30-42 Stanley Park: household papers
D873/E43-47 : estate papers
D873/E48-58 Miscellaneous
D873/E59-70 Estate papers: Lancashire
D873/F1 Genealogical papers
D873/F2 Marling family papers: John F. Marling
D873/F3-7 : Thos. Marling
D873/F8-15 : Sam. S. Marling
D873/F16-33 : Margaret W. Marling
D873/F34 : Josiah Marling
D873/F35-58 : Wm. H. Marling
D873/F59-62 : Mary E. Marling
D873/F63-66 : Chas. Marling
D873/F67 : Hen. H. Marling
D873/F68-71 : Percival S. Marling
D873/F72-73 : Miscellaneous
D873/F74-88 Related family papers
D873/F89-124 Testamentary and trust : Marling and related families
D873/F125-130 : Non-related families
D873/C1 Family: Nath. S. Marling
D873/C2-5 : Thos. Marling
D873/C6-15 : Sam. S. Marling
D873/C16-43 : Margaret W. Marling
D873/C44-107 : Wm. H. Marling
D873/C108 : Mary E. Marling
D873/C109 : Chas. Marling
D873/C110-113 Family: Percival S. Marling
D873/C114-163 Estate correspondence, Stanley Park
Public Office
D873/X1 General
D873/X2-9 Sam. S. Marling
D873/X10-12 Wm. H. Marling
D873/B1-11 Partnership agreements
D873/B12-15 Accounts
D873/B16-25 Miscellaneous papers
D873/R1-9 Selsley
D873/R10-15 King's Stanley
The manorial documents in the collection (D873/M1-8) relate to the manor of the Borough of King's Stanley, which was purchased by Samuel S. Marling in 1856.
Few of the estate records are earlier than the last quarter of the 19th century, with the exception of some interesting early 19th century leases of mills owned by the family (D873/E1-12) which include valuable information on the buildings and their contents.
One of the most interesting features of the collection lies in the large amount of correspondence which has survived. This seems to have been due to the systematic preservation and arrangement of her own and her husband's personal correspondence by Margaret Williams Marling, the wife of the 1st baronet, a habit which was inherited by her son, William. Although the correspondence has not been preserved in its entirety in what remains we are provided with an excellent picture of family life in the 19th century. Of particular interest are the letters written home by William H. Marling while at boarding school, 1847-49 (D873/C17). Another group of letters relate to the army career of Sir Percival Marling (D873/C110).
Among other family papers perhaps the most interesting is the personal ledger of Samuel S. Marling, 1832-83, which contains a detailed record of all his financial transactions, the accounts being supplemented by memoranda on the background to these affairs (D873/F9).
Comparatively few records of the business firm, Marling and Co., survive, although there are a succession of partnership deeds, 1825-66 (D873/B1-10), which allow one to trace the progress of the business, and also some privately kept accounts which give a general indication of the firm's annual turnover (D873/B12-15).
Admin HistoryMembers of the Marling family, descendants of William Marling of Stroud (d. 1859), were prominent clothiers in King's Stanley and Stonehouse throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, and as a result of their business success the family achieved considerable local importance. William Marling, the founder of the business, is represented here by only a few letters and some partnership agreements (D873/C4, B1-2) and most of the material relates to his son, Samuel Stephens Marling (1810-83), and Samuel's children and grandchildren. Samuel S. Marling was M.P. for West Gloucestershire, 1868-74 (X6-7), and for Stroud, 1875-80 (D873/X9); he was made a baronet in 1882. His eldest son, William Henry Marling was sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1888 (D873/X11) and unsuccessfully contested West Gloucestershire in the 1885 election (D873/X10). His son, the 3rd baronet, Sir Percival Scrope Marling, had a distinguished military career in Egypt, the Sudan and South Africa (D873/C110-112). [See his autobiography, Rifleman and Hussar (1931)-G.R.O. Library]. Sir Percival's nephew, Sir John Marling, succeeded to the baronetcy and was the donor of the collection to the Record Office.
Custodial HistoryGiven by Lieutenant Colonel Sir John Marling, OBE, except accessions 797 and 744, which were given by Stanley S Marling
Related Material[See also D177; D262; D948; P190; P284] Some biographical notes on the family are to be found in D2033 pp. 70-74. Gloucestershire Archives
There are no court rolls for the manor in this collection, but these do survive in other collections at the Record Office D149/M17, D340a/M8, Z3, D445/M2 Gloucestershire Archives)
For further details on the company's mills see J. Tann, Gloucestershire Woollen Mills, (1967), pp.149-155 - Gloucestershire Archives Library.]
Records of the Sedbury Park estate in Tidenham and Woolaston, also owned by the family, have been deposited at the Gloucestershire Archives as D262.
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