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TitleBBC Radio Gloucestershire
DescriptionInterviews for "The Century Speaks", part of a millennium oral history project 1999
Interviews, transcripts and programmes made by BBC Radio Gloucestershire for the BBC's millennium oral history project, The Century Speaks
ArrangementThe interviews have been arranged to follow the BBC's own numbering system, which reflects the order in which the contributors were interviewed. The reference number is given in the PreviousNumbers field on each entry.

The catalogue entry for each contributor gives the following information: name, occupation, date or year of birth and age within decades, name of the interviewer and date of interview. The contributors were interviewed at their home which in most cases reflects the part of the county to which their interview relates. If this is not the case, it has been made clear in the catalogue entry. It also gives an overview of the topics covered in each interview although this is not exhaustive. Most of the interviews are very lengthy, lasting over an hour. The number of tracks and length of the interview, where known, are also noted.

A few contributors specifically requested that certain pieces of information or aspects of their interview be with-held. In these cases a closure period has been applied to their interview and the related transcript. Several contributors could not be traced and were therefore unable to give their permission (as required under the Data Protection Act) for their name and other personal details to be included in this catalogue. Such interviews are described as anonymous contributions and a closure period has been applied to their interview and transcript.
Admin HistoryThis archive constitutes Gloucestershire's contribution to the BBC's millennium initiative, The Century Speaks. A nationwide project, it was one of the most ambitious in the history of radio resulting in Europe's largest oral history collection. Thousands of people, drawn from all backgrounds and ranging in age from 5 to 107, were interviewed about their lives by BBC local radio stations throughout the United Kingdom. They were asked questions loosely based around sixteen specific topics: where we live, house and home, who we are, belonging, living together, crime, growing up, getting older, technology, eating and drinking, money, playtime, going places, life and death, beliefs and fears, the battle of the sexes. Excerpts from the interviews were made into a series of themed programmes which were broadcast locally in 1999. Every interview and all 640 programmes made from the interviews are held in the British Library's National Sound Archive under the title "The Millennium Memory Bank".

The backbone of this archive, listed as section 1 of this catalogue, comprises recordings, on mini-disc, of Gloucestershire people talking about their lives. The interviews were conducted during the latter part of 1998 and 1999 by two members of Radio Gloucestershire staff, Andy Vivian who did the majority of interviews, and Siobhan Logue. The contributors were chosen to reflect a range of ages and occupations and include people who are Gloucestershire born and bred as well as people now living in Gloucestershire but who were born and brought up outside the county and people who spent their early life in Gloucestershire but are now living elsewhere. The interviews reflect the sixteen designated subject areas mentioned above, although as might be expected each interview has a different emphasis reflecting the different personalities, backgrounds and life experiences of the contributor.

Photographs of each contributor were taken at his or her home and were at one point mounted on display boards publising the project. About half the photographs have survived and been deposited. Their existence is noted in the relevant catalogue entries.

BBC staff made transcripts of each person's interview which were stored as word processed documents on floppy discs. They provide a fairly full account of each interview without being word for word transcriptions. These have been printed out for long term preservation so that the floppy discs themselves need not be produced. The print-outs of the transcripts are listed as section 2/1 of this catalogue.

Recordings of the sixteen programmes made from the interviews of Gloucestershire contributors are also preserved in this archive and form section 3 of the catalogue.
Custodial HistoryDeposited by BBC Radio Gloucestershire, 18 February 2000
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