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Alt Ref NoD7107
TitleGloucestershire Girl Guides Association
DescriptionCounty minutes 1920-1994; year books 1963-*2001; annual reports, *1999-2011; *directory 1996; log book 1919; programmes, newscuttings and other records including published history by Mrs May Haines 1992, 1910-1994; *divisional and district records, including log books and scrapbooks 1909-1998; Gloucestershire Senior Branch Council Meeting Minutes, 1961-1971; *Gloucester City Trefoil Guild Minutes, 1993-2004; Wotton District minute books, 1958-1976; photograph of two Girl Guides in uniform, c.1960s; Forest North Division, photographs taken to commemorate the year 2000; 11th Cheltenham Highbury Brownies: Brownie register and attendance and subscription records 1966-c.1992; Brownie guide individual record sheets 1967-c.1992; photo albums 1982-2001; Battledown district minute books and 11th Cheltenham Highbury guides history, 2009-2020
NotesAccessions 8254, 9239, 9311, 9916 and 11649 are uncatalogued
ArrangementMrs Haines arranged this material to reflect Guiding activity at national, regional, county, divisional and (in some cases) district level. This arrangement has largely been retained, and where practical items relating to particular units have been listed under separate headings. Some items were kept together by Mrs Haines because they were received from particular individuals (or their agents). Where appropriate, these have been listed under the unit or other body with which the person was particularly associated (usually on the evidence of formal records such as certificates and warrants), although they may include wider ranging or unrelated material [see, for instance, D7107/4/8 and 9/24]
Within each division, records of the division as a whole and those whose content or physical make-up make it inappropriate for them to be listed under individual units are listed first under the heading "General". Only the Mid Gloucestershire material was arranged under district headings by Mrs Haines, and no attempt has been made to do the same with the records of the other divisions, except in the case of D7107/4/6-7, 7/6 and 8/5
Admin HistoryThese records were assembled by the Association's former archivist Mrs May Haines for her book 'The History of Guiding in Gloucestershire, 1910-1990' [see D7107/3/20 and B422/47240GS]. They include some formal administrative records of the Association and its constituent Divisions and Districts, together with cuttings, photographs and other items collected by individuals connected with the movement
Some records, such as registers of company members [see D7107/8/13, 9/9, 9/26 and 11/5] were maintained in pre-printed volumes and therefore conform to a standard format, but others, such as the company log books have much greater individuality. Many contain drawings, photographs, cuttings and poems as well as accounts of activities, often written by the Guides themselves
In 1987, Mrs Haines sent forms requesting information on holdings of archival material to all Commissioners, County Staff, Unit Guiders and Trefoil Guild members. The completed forms in this accession [see D7107/4/2, 4/15, 5/2, 6/3, 8/3, 10/2 and 12/2] give an idea of range and location of local Guiding sources existing at that time
Custodial HistoryDeposited by the Gloucestershire Girl Guides Association, per the County Commissioner and the Association's Archivist; 15147 and 15303 deposited by Katie Fleming, leader of 11th Cheltenham Brownies, 20 September 2019 and 21 February 2020
Access ConditionsThese records are open for research
* denotes that this collection contains some uncatalogued records - please give us at least one week's notice of your visit if you would like to look at this material
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