Held AtGloucestershire Archives
Alt Ref NoD2933
TitleGloucestershire Federation of Women's Institutes
DescriptionGloucestershire Federation of Women's Institutes:
Regional group conference minutes, 1951-1958; county news sheets, *1969, 1977-1979, *1972-1987, 1992-1994, *2007-2009; *programmes and photographs relating to various local and national WI jubilees and events, (1922)-2008; *records relating to county tree survey, 1987; *records relating to county tombstone survey, 1980-1984; *county yearbooks, 1990-1991; *minutes of various council meetings, 1989-1991; *annual statements of accounts, 1990-1991; *audio tape from BBC Bristol entitled "Personal Choice": Mrs Pat Jacob, undated, c.1960s-1980s

Groups and guilds:
Berkeley Group of WIs (Berkeley, Falfield, Hill and Rockhampton, Oldbury-on-Severn, Sharpness, Stone, Thornbury and Tytherington branches): conference minutes, 1966-1973; group rally accounts, 1973
*Bisley Group of WIs: minutes of summer group meetings, 1934-1994; minutes of group conferences, 1933-1968, 1968-1998
Chosen Hill Group of WIs: annual financial statements for group rallies, 1967-1998
*Cotswold Vale Group of WIs (Horsbere, Longford, Longlevens, Norton, Oxstalls and Sandhurst branches): minutes of meetings and rallies, 1963-1998; *minutes of committee meetings, correspondence, accounts and records of rallies, 2000-2006
*Fairford Group of WIs: minutes of group meetings, 1953-1987; minutes of group conferences, 1954-1988
Glevum Edge Group of WIs (Elmscroft, Horsbere, Longlevens and Oxstalls branches): annual programmes, 1978-1987; *meeting and group rally minutes 1978-1993
Gloucestershire Area Handicraft Guild: minutes, 1969-1979; register of members, 1974-1979
*Leadon Group: records of group meetings, 1948-2004; committee minutes, 1975-2004
*Leckhampton Group of WIs: committee minutes, 1975-2014; minutes of group rallies, 1966-2014
*Shurdington Group of WIs: committee minutes, 1967-1995; records of meetings, 1994-2008; committee minutes and records of group meetings, with related papers, 2010-2018 [closure of group]; register of names of officials, 1988-2017
Stow-on-the-Wold Group of WIs: minutes, 1935-1979
Tetbury Group of WIs: minutes, 1986-1993; list of prize winners at group rallies, 1987-2001; papers including minutes, correspondence, membership lists and records of group rallies, 1995-2008
*Tewkesbury Group of WIs: minutes, 2008-2009 [see under Tewkesbury, Cornfields WI below]
*Weavers Group of WIs: minutes, 1974-1991
*Westside Group of WIs: minutes of group meetings, 2010-2012
*Wheatenhurst Group of WIs [also known as the Frampton Group], committee minutes, 1978-2007; record book, 1990-2005
*Wyedean Group of WIs: minutes of group meetings, 1954-1993; papers concerning GFWI and NFWI meetings, including reports on the meetings, c.1990-1992; photographs of events, undated, [1970s-1980s]; papers including reports of and to group rallies and secretary's correspondence, 1980s-1990s

Individual Women' s Institutes:
Alderton WI: committee minutes, 1986-1990; records of monthly meetings, 1986-1990; *GFWI correspondence file, 1954-1991, including annual returns to GFWI, 1954-1989; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1971-1972, 1974-1982, 1984-1986, 1988
Alstone and Teddington WI: records of monthly meetings, 1963-1987, 1998-2000; committee minutes, 1963-1986; minutes of AGMs, 1998-2000; receipt and payment accounts, 1971-1983; programmes, 1972, 1991-1994, 1997-1998
Alvington WI: committee minutes, 1946-1960; records of monthly meetings, 1946-1960
Amberley WI: committee minutes, 2003-2008; records of monthly meetings, 2003-2008; accounts, 2001-2009; annual financial statements, 2002-2009; *forms kept by GFWI giving information about the branch, 2001-2007; *form giving information relating to the suspension of the branch, 2008
Amberley Evening WI: committee minutes, 1976-1984; records of monthly meetings, 1976-1984
Andoversford WI: reports of monthly meetings for [parish magazine], undated, [1992]-1998, with register of attendance, 1994-1996
Arle Village WI: committee minutes, 1966-1993; records of monthly meetings, 1965-1993; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1966, 1970-1993; with photocopy final bank statement and resolution to suspend the WI, (1993)
Arlingham WI: records of monthly meetings, 1970-2011; committee minutes, 1970-2010
Ashchurch WI: minutes 1942-2001; scrapbooks, 1936-2001; GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970-2001; annual returns to GFWI, 1970-2001; VCO reports, 1970-1982
Aston Magna WI: records of monthly meetings, 1975-1977; printed material, c.1956-1965
Aston Somerville and Wormington WI: committee minutes, 1974-2016; records of monthly meetings, 1974-2016; annual reports, 1984-2013; scrapbook, 1974-1989, with loose newscuttings and photographs, 1988-2015, and report on national federation meeting addressed by Tony Blair, 2000; photograph album, 1994-2005
Aylburton WI: committee minutes, 1980-200; records of monthly meetings, 1995-2002
Barnsley WI: committee minutes, 1955-1970; records of monthly meetings, 1954-1970
Barnwood WI: committee minutes, 1959-1979; records of monthly meetings, 1937-1979; annual reports, 1942-1978
Bishops Cleeve WI: committee minutes, 1929-2000; drama committee minutes, 1950-1990; record of annual general meetings, 1974-1995; records of monthly meetings, 1930-2000; scrapbooks, 1955-1994
*Bisley WI: records of monthly meetings, 1922-1998; committee minutes, 1922-1999; accounts, 1928-2000; annual accounts, 1974-1975, 1986-1987; correspondence and papers concerning the WI Hall, mostly concerning renovation and refurbishment undertaken c.1998-2001, (1925)-2002
Bisley and Sapperton WI: record of monthly meetings, 1983-1984
Blaisdon WI: committee minutes, 1963-2009; records of monthly meetings, 1963-2009; receipt and payment accounts, 1966-1977; attendance register, 1963-1966; programmes of events, 1964-2009; photographs of entertainment provided by Blaisdon WI at group rally, 1985; scrapbook commemorating Blaisdon WI's 25th anniversary in 1988, updated to show events to 2003; photographs of picnic, 1994; scrapbook containing photographs of events held in 2003, including the WI's 40th anniversary party, 2003; photographs of craft entry in group rally, 2003; photograph of [members of Blaisdon WI], undated, [late 1990s-2000s]; programme for Westside group party, 2008
Blakeney WI: *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1951-1952, 1957, 1970-1979, 1981-1990
Boddington WI: record of monthly meetings, 1981-1988, *1977-1987
Bourton-on-the-Hill WI: committee minutes, 1943-1979; records of monthly meetings, 1947-1980; annual reports, 1968
Bourton Vale WI: committee minutes, 1973-2000; records of monthly meetings, 1973-2000
Bream WI: committee minutes, 1968-1985; records of monthly meetings, 1974-1985; scrapbook, 1965
Brimscombe and Thrupp WI: committee minutes, 1957-1996; records of monthly meetings, 1957-1996; *attendance register for meetings, 1964-1980; programmes, 1974-1994
*Broad Campden WI: minutes 1983-1995; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1962, 1970-1976, 1978, 1981-1984, 1993-1995; annual report form, 1995
Broadwell and Donnington WI: records of monthly meetings, 1921-1925, 1928-2012; minutes of committee meetings, 1921-1925, 1928-2012; accounts, 1928-1941, 1961-1968
Brockweir WI: committee minutes, 1991-1993; records of monthly meetings, 1989-1993; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970-1972, 1974-1979, 1981-1993; photocopy of resolution to suspend the WI, (1993)
Brockworth WI: minutes 1924-1995, programmes 1943-1946, scrapbook 1995; *annual financial statement, 1975
*Brookthorpe and Tuffley WI: programme, 1996
Bussage and Brownshill WI: *committee minutes, 1954-1996; records of monthly meetings, 1932-1998; reports to AGMs 1959-1991; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970-1979, 1981-1984, 1986-1994
Cam, Woodfield WI: committee minutes, 1966-1976; records of monthly meetings, 1966-1976
Cam WI: minutes 1927-1994, scrapbook 1986-1987; GFWI correspondence file, 1953-1997, including annual returns to GFWI, 1987-1993; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970-1971, 1978-1984, 1986-1992, 1994
Cerney Wick WI: committee minutes, 1937-1965; records of monthly meetings, 1959-1965
Chalford WI: records of monthly meetings, 1977-1993; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1952, 1968, 1974, 1977-1984, 1986-1992
Charlton Kings Evening [formed in 1970]: scrapbooks, 1970-2006; members meetings, 1970-2001; evening meetings, 2008-2009
Charlton Kings, Sixways WI: committee minutes 1971-2002; records of monthly meetings, 1971-2002; scrapbooks, 1971-2004
Charlton Kings Village WI: scrapbooks, 1984-2006
Cheltenham, Lynworth WI: committee minutes, 1969, 1980-1987; records of monthly meetings, 1969-1987
Cheltenham, Springbank WI: records of monthly meetings, 1985-1992; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1979-1990
Cheltenham, St Mark's WI: committee minutes, 1970-1979; records of monthly meetings, 1970-1979
*Cheltenham, Woodlands and Warden Hill WI: GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1963-1979
Cherington WI: committee minutes, 1936-1946; records of monthly meetings, 1942-1946; accounts, 1936-1947; printed material, 1946
Chipping Campden WI: committee minutes, 1930-1935, 1939-1962, 2006-2012; records of monthly meetings, 2000-2012; scrapbook, 1986; AGM minutes, 2004-2009; letter from Buckingham Palace thanking the WI for their wishes on the Queen and Prince Philip's 60th wedding anniversary, 2008; programmes of events, 2004-2006, 2010-2011; embroidered congratulatory card from GFWI on 85th anniversary, 2004
Churchdown, Sandycroft WI: committee minutes, 1956-2005; records of monthly meetings, 1956-2005; financial statement and papers concerning closure of branch bank account, 2004-2005
Cirencester WI: committee minutes, 1916-1947; records of monthly meetings, 1929-1947; newscuttings and papers, 1918-1963; notices of members, rules and dates of meetings, 1919-1933; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1963-1964; *GFWI file, 1918-1968, including papers relating to war stocks held by the WI
*Cirencester Afternoon WI: committee minutes, 1989-2009; records of monthly meetings, 1993-2009; receipt and payment accounts, 2000-2005; programmes, 1994-2009; photograph albums, 1989-2011
Cirencester, Chesterton and District WI: committee minutes, 1969-1983; records of monthly meetings, 1969-1983; annual report, 1983; annual programmes, 1972-1982
Cirencester, Corinium WI: minutes, 1976-1994; record books, 1976-1990; scrapbook, 1986-1992
Cirencester, Phoenix WI: committee minutes, 2004-2012; records of monthly meetings, 1985-2011; records of members' meetings, 1989-1995
Clapton-on-the-Hill WI: committee minutes, 1934-1948; records of monthly meetings, 1934-1948
Clearwell WI: committee minutes, 1989-1991; records of monthly meetings, 1982-1992
Cliffords Mesne WI: committee minutes, 1937-1939; records of monthly meetings, 1937-1954
Coates WI: committee minutes, 1928-1954, 1975-1982, *1996-2002; records of monthly meetings, 1928-1954, 1975-1983, *1996-2005; *receipt and payment accounts, 2007-2012; *annual financial statements, 2010-2012; *attendance register, 2009-2012; *return to the National Needlework Archive recording Coates WI's textiles, with guidance notes, 2006
*Coberley WI: minutes 1971-1980
Coleford, Sling and District WI: committee minutes, 1979-1983; records of monthly meetings, 1979-1983; annual general meeting minutes, 1979-1982
Colesbourne WI: committee minutes, 1938-1966; records of monthly meetings 1927-1934, 1952-1966; attendance register, 1951-1966
Coln Valley WI: committee minutes, 1932-1939, 1948; records of monthly meetings, 1932-1988; agenda book, 1958-1966
*Corse Lawn: minutes 1979-2002; committee minutes, 1979-2002; scrapbook, 1986; programmes, 1981-2002
Cowley and Coberley WI: committee minutes, 1950-1956; records of monthly meetings, 1949-1957
Cranham WI: *committee minutes, 1992-2002; records of monthly meetings, 1921-1976, *1997-2002
Daglingworth WI: committee minutes, 1948-1956; records of monthly meetings, 1953-1956
Dowdeswell WI: record books, 1946-1994; scrapbooks 1952-1994; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1952-1953, 1962, 1969-1984, 1986-1988, 1993-1994
Down Ampney WI: committee minutes, 1963-1976; records of monthly meetings, 1963-1977; accounts, 1963-1977; memoranda books, 1968-1973
*Down Hatherley WI: GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1968-1984, 1986-1990
Driffield and Harnhill WI: committee minutes, 1951-1958; records of monthly meetings, 1951-1959
Dumbleton WI: committee minutes, 1943-1955; records of monthly meetings, 1947-1956
Dursley, Castlegate WI: records of monthly meetings, 1985-2000; committee minutes, 1985-2000
Eastleach WI: committee minutes, 1948-1956; records of monthly meetings, 1945-1956
*Eastington WI: *GFWI correspondence file, 1941-1998, including annual financial statements, 1970-1996; annual returns to GFWI, 1970-1998; VCO reports 1971-1988
*Flaxley WI: record of monthly meetings, 1998-2005; committee minutes, 1999-2005
Flaxley, Vale of Castiard WI: committee minutes, 2007-2015; records of monthly meetings, 2007-2015
Gloucester, Coney Hill WI: committee minutes, 1964-1969, 1978; accounts 1964-1974; attendance register, 1972; printed material, 1974
*Gloucester, Elmscroft WI: minutes, 1978-1989; committee minutes, 1966-1993; record books, 1966-1978, 1989-1994; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1969-1971, 1973-1986, 1988
Gloucester, Heron Park WI: committee minutes, 1980-1992; records of monthly meetings, 1980-1992; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1982-1990
*Gloucester, Saintbridge WI: minutes, 1977-1993; record books, 1977-1993; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1971-1977, 1979-1983, 1987-1992
Great Rissington WI: minutes 1956-1965; records of monthly meetings, 1956-1965
*Greet WI: committee minutes, 2000-2006; records of monthly meetings, 1974-[undated, c.2009]; papers concerning the deaths of three members of Greet WI in a car accident on the way to a WI outing, 2006, including letters and cards of sympathy, newscuttings, and orders of service for the members' funerals
Gretton WI: committee minutes, 1960-1968; records of monthly meetings, 1962-1968
*Guiting Power WI: committee minutes, 1993-2003; records of monthly meetings, 1990-2003
*Haresfield WI: minutes, 1990-1993; committee minutes, 1957-1993; record books, 1952-1986; village appraisal questionnaire, 1989; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1971-1991, 1993; letter concerning suspension of Haresfield WI, (1994), with photocopy of resolution to suspend, (1993)
Hillesley WI: *minutes, 1928-1937, 1946-1955; *committee minutes, 1937-1984; *record books, 1931-1948, 1955-1975; *programmes, 1927-1975, *1980s
*Horsley WI: committee minutes, 1931-1949, 1974-1993; record books, 1975-1993; reports of meetings submitted to local press, nd [1980s-1990s]; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1972, 1974. 1979-1991, 1993
All or Muffin" WI, Horsley: committee minutes, 2014-2015; records of monthly meetings, 2014-2015
*Hucclecote WI: committee minutes, 1947-2004; records of monthly meetings, 1929-2004; annual reports, 1983-2005; receipt and payment accounts, 1925-1977
Hucclecote, Larkhay WI: committee minutes, 1992-2009; records of monthly meetings, 1995-2012; annual reports, 1994-2009
Icomb WI: committee minutes, 1952-1957
Innsworth WI: committee minutes, 1962-1987; records of monthly meetings, 1962-1986, *1986-1988; *GFWI correspondence file, 1962-1987, including annual returns to GFWI, 1963-1987
Kemble WI: committee minutes, 1921-1949, 1959; records of monthly meetings, 1921-1959; autograph book, 1922-1924; *photographs of Queen Mary's visit to the Kemble WI fruit preservation centre, 1941
*Kemble and Ewen WI: minutes of committee meetings, 1964-1992; records of monthly meetings, 1964-1997
*Kemerton WI: records of monthly meetings, 1923-2009; committee minutes, 1923-2010; history of Kemerton, (1850)-1992
*Kempley WI: minutes, 1987-1994; newscuttings and papers, 1980s; GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1979-1992
*Kempsford WI: committee minutes, 1991-1993; record book, 1991-1993; GFWI correspondence file, 1948-1994, including annual returns to GFWI, 1949-1968
Kingscote and Bagpath WI: *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1951-1953, 1969-1971, 1974-1976, 1978-1985, 1987-1991
Kings Stanley WI: records of monthly meetings, 1964-2012; minutes of committee meetings, 1966-1995, 2005-2012; scrapbooks, 1965-2008
*Lechlade WI: committee minutes, 1947-2010; records of monthly meetings, 1947-2010; record of outings, 1978-1982; receipt and payment accounts, 1958-1971; annual financial statements, 1965-1975; attendance registers, 1963-1974; programmes, 1952-2012; programmes for GFWI one-act drama festivals, 1971, 1973, and order of service for GFWI's 75th anniversary celebration at Gloucester Cathedral, 1994; record of Lechlade WI's participation in the ''WI Triathlon'', 2010; photograph albums, 1981-1998; photographs, [1950s]-2009; papers and correspondence, 1987-2012
Leckhampton Afternoon WI: *committee minutes, 1969-1991; records of monthly meetings, 1969-1992, 1995-1997, with correspondence concerning the closure of the WI in 1997, 1999; GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1969-1972, 1974-1984, 1986-1989, 1993
Leckhampton Evening WI: minutes of committee meetings, 2001-2015; records of monthly meetings, 1952-2012; minutes of members' evenings, 1973-2001; minutes of meetings of Leckhampton WI Choir [formed 1947, disbanded 1977], 1970-1977; secretary's memorandum book, 1947-1948, with loose papers, 1947-1949; annual reports, 1952-2000, with programmes for most years, and annual financial statements for several years; histories of Leckhampton compiled by WI members as entries to GFWI competitions, 1958, 1975; scrolls listing names of winners of the "Willing Horse Cup", 1960-2017; programmes, 1949-2003; play 'Cinderella Revisited' by Adela Newton and Hilda Colkett, with programme for Leckhampton WI Drama Group's production of the play, undated [1950s-1960s]; scrapbooks, 1946-2013
*Leighterton WI: committee minutes, 1946-2005; records of monthly meetings, 1946-2005; receipt and payment accounts, 1947-2005; financial statement and papers concerning closure of branch bank account, 2005
Little Rissington WI: committee minutes, 1936-1981; records of monthly meetings, 1937-1981
*Littledean: minutes 1935-1996; committee minutes, 1935-1997; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1969-1972, 1974-1983, 1985-1991, 1993; *receipt and payment accounts, 1945-1976
Littleton-on-Severn and Elberton WI: committee minutes, 1955-1963; records of monthly meetings, 1955-1963
Longborough and Sezincote WI: committee minutes, 1973-1980; records of monthly meetings, 1975-1980
*Longford WI: records of monthly meetings, 1977-2006; committee minutes, 1979-2006; records of AGMs, 2002-2006; correspondence and papers, 1995-2007; programmes, 1993-1995, 1998; annual accounts, 1996-1997; newsletters, 2003-2006
Longlevens, Horsbere WI: committee minutes, 1969-2016; records of monthly meetings, 1969-2015
Longlevens WI: special fund account book, 1929-1934
Lower Slaughter WI: committee minutes, 1946-1966; records of monthly meetings, 1953-1966
Lydney, Primrose Hill WI: records of monthly meetings, 1925-1941, 1944-1989
Maisemore WI: committee minutes, 1974-1988; records of monthly meetings, 1957-1988
*Milkwall, Clearwell and District WI: minutes 1996-2004; committee minutes 1953-2004; photograph albums, 1953-2003
Minchinhampton WI: committee minutes, 1955-1990; records of monthly meetings, 1950-1990; *GFWI correspondence file, 1951-1991, including budgets, 1950, 1953; annual financial statements, 1951-1953; annual returns to GFWI, 1955-1989; papers concerning classes for WI members, 1957-1989
Miserden WI: committee minutes, 1922-1985; records of monthly meetings, 1922-1985; attendance register, 1953-1985; records of diamond jubilee celebrations in 1982, 1930-1982
*Mitcheldean and Abenhall WI: GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1963, 1966, 1968-1970
*Mitcheldean and Plump Hill WI: GFWI file annual financial statements, 1989-1993
Plump Hill WI, Mitcheldean: committee minutes, 1973-1984; records of monthly meetings, 1973-1984; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1973-1983; annual report form, 1982
*Moreton-in-Marsh WI: Moreton-in-Marsh Area Produce Guild record book, 1959-1975; Home Economics Committee minutes, 1959-1992; Home Economics Group/Committee record book, 1975-1990
Nailsworth WI: committee minutes, 1954-2008; records of monthly meetings, 1961-2011; brief history of Nailsworth WI, 1999; walks around Nailsworth, 2000
*Newent WI: GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970-1999; annual returns to GFWI, 1970-1999
*Newent, The Scarr WI: minutes 1957-1999; GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1969-1992; annual returns to GFWI, 1969-1992; VCO reports, 1969-1990
Newent, Lakeside WI: committee minutes, 2002-2011; records of monthly meetings, 2001-2011; scrapbooks, 1993-2008; secretary's correspondence
*North Cerney and District WI: minutes 1923-1998; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970, 1974-1985, 1988-1992, 1997
*North Nibley WI: committee minutes, 2006-2007; records of monthly meetings, 2003-2007; accounts, 1979-2008; annual financial statements, 1980-2004
Norton WI: committee minutes, 1931-2002; press reports, 1946-1947, 1971-1988
Notgrove WI: committee minutes, 1961-1965; records of monthly meetings, 1953-1965; correspondence, 1964-1966
*Nympsfield WI: minutes, 1977-1992; committee minutes, 1986-1991; committee record book, 1982-1986; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970-1981, 1983-1985, 1987-1991; annual report forms, 1972, 1973, 1981-1984
*Oakridge WI: records of monthly meetings and committee minutes, 1923-1971; committee minutes, 1972-2016; records of monthly meetings, 1972-2014; annual reports and accounts, 1949-1981, 1986-1988, 2001-2002; certificates from handicraft, produce and drama shows, 1936-1978; congratulation cards on coming of age of the WI, c.1944, and golden jubilee, 1973
*Overbury WI: annual financial statements, 1982, 1984-1988; copy letter from the GFWI county secretary to the secretary of Overbury WI confirming that it would be affiliated to GFWI [transferring from Worcestershire], 1983
Oddington WI: committee minutes, 1932-1958, 1975-1978; records of monthly meetings, 1953-1958, 1975-1978; accounts, 1962-1978; papers and printed material, 1965-1979
Pauntley and District WI: committee minutes, 1950-1968; records of monthly meetings, 1950-1963
Pitchcombe WI: committee minutes, 1977-1985; records of monthly meetings, 1974-1986
Poole Keynes WI: committee minutes, 1974-1986; records of monthly meetings, 1962-1986
Randwick WI: committee minutes, 1952-2002; records of monthly meetings, 1952-2003; drama group minutes, 1954-1958; accounts, 1954-1965; scrapbooks, 1986-2012
*Redbrook WI: accounts, 2007-2008; subscription accounts, 2007; correspondence and papers concerning the opening and potential closure of Redbrook WI, including guidance leaflets from NFWI, 2007-2008
*Rodborough WI: minutes, 1988-1996; record book, 1963-1970, 1970-1981, 1981-1986, 1986-1991, 1992-1996, 1996-1999, 2002-2005; committee minutes, 1963-1971, 1972-1984, 1985-1991, 1991-1996, 1992-1997, 1997-2002; scrapbooks, 1963-1979, 1980-1983, 1984-1996; visitors book, 1995-1997; account books, 1963-1977, 1996
*Rodborough Afternoon WI: GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1971-1977, 1978-1991
*Rodmarton WI: committee minutes, 1983-1994; record books, 1984-1994; *GFWI file comprising signed constitution and rules, 1951; annual financial statements, 1952, 1970-1984, 1987-1994; scrapbook, 1986-1987
*Ruardean WI: committee minutes, 1989-1997; records of monthly meetings, 1932-2010; programmes, 1990-2012; letter from Clarence House thanking Ruardean WI for a 100th birthday card sent to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, 2000; copy of 'Jerusalem' issued by the NFWI, undated, [1920s-1930s]; photographs of Ruardean WI's winning entry in Cinderford Group Rally's competition, 1999
Ruspidge WI: committee minutes, 1937-1989; records of monthly meetings, 1937-1990; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1969-1987
Salperton WI: committee minutes, 1953-1958; records of monthly meetings, 1953-1958
*Sedbury and Beachley WI: record of monthly meetings, 2004-2008; annual financial statements, 2001-2008; subscription accounts, 1987-2007; receipt and payment accounts, 2001-2008; programmes, 2004-2008
Sharpness WI: records of monthly meetings, 1974-1978; accounts 1970-1978; correspondence, 1974-1976; printed papers, 1960s-1970s
*Sherborne WI: committee minutes, 1947-2001; records of monthly meetings, 1947-2001; accounts, 1947-1959; programmes, 1955-2001; congratulations from GFWI on 50th anniversary, [1997]; scrapbook, 1977-2000
Shipton Moyne WI: committee minutes, 1974-1987; records of monthly meetings, 1983-1987
*Slimbridge WI: committee minutes, 1968-2007; records of monthly meetings, 1968-2007; officers' memorandum book, 1990-1994; secretary's notes of committee and monthly meetings, [1994]-1997; committee reports, 1978-1981; programmes, 1941- 2002
*Shurdington: registers, 1953-1985; correspondence, 1971-1979; certificate of a first prize awarded in a co-operative competition, 1966; GFWI news sheets, 1969-1999; committee meeting minutes, 1932-2009; monthly meeting records, 1932-2010; constitution and rules, 2000; programmes, 1953-1962, 1967-1972, 1974, 1980, 1989-2000, 2002-2012; charity registration paperwork, 1983; annual reports, 1981-2012; list of Shurdington W.I. presidents, 1932-2011
Soudley WI: committee minutes, 1975-1981; records of monthly meetings, 1975-1981
*South Cerney WI: committee minutes 1917-1967, 1975-2001; minutes 1935-2001; annual reports 1928-2000; publicity officer's reports of meetings for local press c.1990-1998; GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970-2000; annual returns and reports to GFWI, 1970-1997; VCO reports, 1971-1992
Southam WI: committee minutes, 2006-2015; records of monthly meetings, 2006-2015
Southrop WI: committee minutes, 1942-1957; records of monthly meetings, 1951-1957
Southrop and Eastleach WI: committee minutes, 1958-1964; records of monthly meetings, 1958-1964
*Standish WI: committee minutes, 1926-1994; records of monthly meetings, 1926-1995; GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1975-1985, 1987, 1989-1993; annual report form, 1980
Stanton, Buckland and Laverton WI: committee minutes, 1971-1997; records of monthly meetings, 1973-1998; programmes, 1957-1999; *GFWI correspondence file, including annual financial statements, 1970-1999; annual returns to GFWI, 1972-1999; VCO report, 1988
Stanway and Didbrook WI: Minutes 1948-1998; reports of monthly meetings, 1952-2006
Staverton WI: committee minutes, 1950-1983; records of monthly meetings, 1950-1983
*Staunton (near Coleford) WI: minutes, 1947-1955; committee minutes, 1951-1958, 1968-1993; record books, 1947-1951, 1965-1976, 1990-1993; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1971-1979, 1981-1984, 1986-1992
Stinchcombe WI: committee minutes, 1972-1990; records of monthly meetings, 1980-1990; notes for Golden Jubilee celebrations, 1982; *GFWI correspondence file, 1948-1991, including annual returns to GFWI, [1953]-1989; notes on visit to the WI by [a Federation officer], 1948
Stone WI: committee minutes, 1950-1960; records of monthly meetings, 1954-1960
*Stonehouse WI: committee minutes, 1968-1995; records of monthly meetings, 1968-1993; accounts, 1968-1988; annual financial statements, 1986, 1994; budget, 1991; membership lists, 1976-1979; reports by members on AGMs of the NFWI, 1990, 1999; programmes, 1979-1993
Stow-on-the-Wold WI: record of monthly meetings, 1929-1979
*Stratton with Baunton WI: minutes 1986-1998; record of monthly meetings, 1924-1986; committee meetings minutes, 1934-1986; scrapbooks containing newscuttings and illustrations concerning local and national events and issues, 1950-1957; GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970-1992; annual report forms, 1970-1993; VCO reports, 1972-1990
Stroud WI: committee minutes, 1980-1991; records of monthly meetings, 1980-1991; minutes of Stroud area handicraft group, 1972-1985; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statement, 1989; correspondence between GFWI and the Charity Commission concerning Stroud WI, 1994
Stroud, Paganhill WI: committee minutes, 1966-1984; records of monthly meetings, 1966-1984
*Stroud, Uplands WI: committee minutes, 1995-2003; record of monthly meetings, 1995-2003
Swindon Village WI: committee minutes, 1982-1988; records of monthly meetings, 1987-1988; *GFWI correspondence file, 1945-1989, including annual accounts, 1952; annual returns to GFWI, 1954-1987
*Tetbury WI: minutes 1955-2001
Tetbury Afternoon WI: records of monthly meetings, 1992-1993; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1969-1997; annual returns to GFWI, 1970-1991; VCO reports, 1971-1992
*Tewkesbury, Cornfields WI: papers including committee minutes, 2009; minutes of monthly meetings, 2008-2009; newsletters, 2007-2009; annual reports, 2008-2009; Tewkesbury Group minutes, 2008-2009; programmes for Newtown, Beckford and Kemerton WIs, 2007-2009; papers concerning speakers, c.2008; signed constitutions and rules for Wheatpieces WI, 2002 [a predecessor WI] and Cornfields WI, 2007; Wheatpieces parish newsletters, undated, c.2008
*Tewkesbury, Mitton WI: committee minutes, 1966-2000; records of monthly meetings, 1966-2000
Tewkesbury, Newtown WI: *scrapbooks, 2000-2010; press reports book, undated, and press cuttings, 1992; card from president of NFWI congratulating Newtown WI on its tenth birthday, 1974; poems on the subject of spring, 1989; papers concerning various events, 1992-2002, including celebration of golden jubilee of Elizabeth II, 2002
*Tewkesbury, Priors Park WI: committee minutes, 1970-2007; records of monthly meetings, 1969-2007
*Tibberton and Taynton WI: committee minutes, 1959-2011; records of monthly meetings, 1955-2011; receipt and payment accounts, 1925-1992; subscription accounts, 1975-1993; papers concerning exhibition of arts and crafts, 1976, including subcommittee minutes and list of entries; programmes, 1999-2004; secretary's papers, [1980s-2000s] (1 file); photograph album of 80th anniversary celebrations, 2005
*Tidenham WI: minutes, 1964-1969; record book, 1969-1976; committee record book, 1966-1974; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970-1973
Tirley WI: committee minutes, 1965-1980; records of monthly meetings, 1971-1980
Todenham WI: committee minutes, 1968-1975
Tuffley and Whaddon WI: committee minutes, *1922-1982, 1988-1990; records of monthly meetings, *1929-1983, 1989; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1952; *papers collected by Mrs Olive Martin, a member of Tuffley WI [Tuffley and Whaddon WI until 1965, then Tuffley WI] including photographs, newspaper cuttings and leaflets, c.1950s-1980s; programmes, 1950, 1955-1988, with programme for Barnwood WI, 1944; *scrapbook of newscuttings and programmes, 1974-2002
*Tuffley Court WI: minutes 1988-1990
*Tuffley Grange WI: GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1970-1978, 1981-1992; annual report form, 1983
*Tutshill WI: minutes 1974-1997, insurance c.1949, scrapbook 1979; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1975-1993
Up Hatherley and The Reddings WI: committee minutes, 2002-2010; records of monthly meetings, 1952-2010
Up Hatherley, Woodlands and Warden Hill WI: committee minutes, 1984-1991; records of monthly meetings, 1963-1992; *GFWI file comprising annual financial statements, 1963-1979
Upleadon WI: committee minutes, 1980-1984; records of monthly meetings, 1980-1985; *GFWI correspondence file, 1980-1990, including annual returns to GFWI, 1982, 1984
Upper Slaughter WI: committee minutes, *1922-1925, 1926, 1942-1964; records of monthly meetings, *1927-1942, 1926-1960; accounts, 1954-1963
*Upper and Lower Swell WI: committee minutes, 1949-1997; records of monthly meetings, 1958-1994
Upton St Leonards, Twyver WI: committee minutes, 1965-1975, 1981-1984, 2005-2012; records of monthly meetings, 1970-1983, 2007-2012; programmes, 1968, 2000-2001, 2004, 2008-2010, 2013; minutes of members' evenings, 1976-2000; reports to group meetings and reports of NFWI meetings, 2005-2009; papers relating to events, 1983-1989; annual reports of committee and president, 2006, 2008-2012; reports of meetings submitted to local press and Upton St Leonards church news, including cuttings of some reports, 2008
Westcote and Gawcombe WI: accounts, 1945-1952
Westerleigh WI: committee minutes, 1961-1966; records of monthly meetings, 1961-1966
Westonbirt with Didmarton WI: committee minutes, 1968-1980; records of monthly meetings, 1964-1980
*Weston-sub-Edge WI: committee minutes, 1968-1977; records of monthly meetings, 1968-2002; receipt and payment accounts, 1961-1985; papers mostly concerning Weston-sub-Edge WI's 50th anniversary in 1979 but including correspondence on other subjects and programmes from neighbouring WIs, 1970s (1 file); correspondence and papers (loose), [1980s]-2000 including programmes, 1992-1993, and report of AGM, 2000; *survey of Weston-sub-Edge churchyard, entered in Gloucestershire Federation of Women's Institutes competition as part of European Architectural Heritage Year 1975
Whitecroft WI: committee minutes, 1951-1965, 1971-1981; records of monthly meetings, 1957-1965, 1971-1981
*Whiteshill and Ruscombe WI: committee minutes, 1956-2003; records of monthly meetings, 1947-2001
Whitminster and District WI: committee minutes: 1967-1999; records of monthly meetings, 1975-2004
*Withington WI: committee minutes, 1929-1973, 1976-2005; records of monthly meetings, 1929-1973, 1976-2005; accounts, 1961-1971; preserving centre record book, 1941-1943
*Wotton-under-Edge WI: committee minutes, 1966-2008; records of monthly meetings, 1962-2008; minutes of annual general meetings, 1986-1988
Yorkley WI: committee minutes, 1953-1968, *1978-1981; records of monthly meetings, 1964-1968, *1978-1981
ArrangementThe records in this collection have been deposited and catalogued over many years and consequently were not arranged in an order which was easy to use. To overcome this, when the catalogue was entered into the database it was artificially arranged under two headings, "Records of individual Women's Institutes" and "Other records", and the records of the individual Women's Institutes were arranged alphabetically by the name of the Institute. Original document reference numbers have been retained, however, so the records do not appear in reference number order
UPDATE, 2014: This collection is being recatalogued and rearranged so that the records appear in a coherent order and to enable cataloguing of new deposits of records as they arrive. The catalogued material has been rearranged in the database to reflect the new order, and reference numbers of the items are being changed gradually.
When the recataloguing work is complete, the collection will be arranged as follows:

F Records of the Gloucestershire Federation of Women's Institutes
B Records of individual Women's Institute branches
G Records of Women's Institute groups and guilds

The records of individual WIs are arranged by place, using Gloucestershire Archives' standardised numbering scheme for the parishes within the county, which runs broadly in alphabetical order. Where a WI covers more than one place, its records have been catalogued under the first-mentioned place wherever possible
Custodial HistoryDeposited by the Gloucestershire Federation of Women's Institutes between 1973 and 2019, and given by Chipping Campden History Society, 20 June 2017 (accession 14447.2, churchyard survey of Weston-sub-Edge)
Related Material[See also D3295; D3910; D4720; D5102; D5649; D6381; D6601; D6948]
Access Conditions* denotes that this collection contains some uncatalogued records - please give us at least one week's notice of your visit if you would like to look at this material
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