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Alt Ref NoD2598
TitleForest of Dean Methodist Circuit
DescriptionCircuit records:
Register of properties sold 1934-1953; minutes 1926-1983, 2003-2008; circuit schedules 1912-1977; accounts 1926-1988; circuit roll 1948-1953; correspondence 1935-1993; accounts 1961-1976; circuit plans 1940-1990, 2001-2002; registers 1934-1958; overseas missions 1956-1990; attendance and membership records 1974-1993; notes on history of Methodism and chapels in the Forest of Dean (c.1800)-1987; files relating to circuit administration and finance 1967-1994; circuit directory 1978, *1981; Circuit Overseas Missions Committee (from September 1974 the Circuit Mission Committee) minutes, 1968-1998; leadership team file, 1998-2003; circuit meeting file, 1994-2003; circuit meeting minutes and papers, 2005-2006; circuit directories and reports on the circuit, 1967-1995; membership records, 1974 -2002; papers relating to sale of churches at Mile End, Edge End, Whitecroft, and Church Road, Cinderford, 2004-2008; *baptism register for Lydbrook section, 1944-2002; *Circuit Youth Council, later Circuit Education and Youth Committee: minutes, 1969-1998, accounts, 1958-2000; circuit meeting minutes, 1983-1995; finance and general purposes committee minutes, 1972-1992, property committee minutes, 1972-1975; papers concerning establishment of Deakin Trust, 1924; Forest of Dean Circuit circuit plan, July-October 1954; deeds and documents relating to Yew Tree Cottage, New Road, Bream, 1897 onwards; Circuit meeting minutes, 1993-2008*
Cinderford Circuit: minutes 1861-1941; circuit schedules 1875-1935; accounts 1875-1938; registers 1880-1940; Sunday School minutes 1914-1967; circuit plan, 1934; *historical notes and material relating to history of Cinderford Circuit, 1845 onwards; Cinderford Circuit: conveyance of land adjoining the Wesleyan Chapel at Woodside in the Parish of Flaxley (not clear to which chapel this refers), 1892; photocopy of Cinderford Circuit circuit plan, 1903
Forest of Dean Bible Christian Circuit: minutes and accounts 1849-1891; registers 1837-1934; accounts 1837-1849
Lydbrook Primitive Methodist Circuit: minutes 1891-1934; registers 1858-1934
Lydney and Pillowell Circuit: circuit schedule book 1868-1938; registers 1879-1941; minutes 1850-1938; accounts 1850-1935; circuit plans c.1900-1934; Pillowell Trustees minutes 1928-1965; roll books 1867-1928; class books 1880s-1904; photocopies including preachers plan 1862-1863 and schedule of property 1922

Chapel records:
*Bailey Lane End Chapel: deeds and related papers, 1857 onwards
Berry Hill (Zion) Chapel: minutes 1917-1991; accounts 1913-1991; collection journals 1964-1974; trustees' papers 1869-1992; Sunday School accounts 1974-1986
Blakeney Hill Chapel: minutes 1953-1990; accounts 1874-1990; property papers 1875, 1983-1992; historical notes (1874)-1922
Bream Eaves Chapel: certificates of registration 1861, 1903; accounts 1959-1991; Sunday school register 1959-1985; deeds 1850s-c.1900; historical notes (1858)-1958; papers concerning closure and sale of chapel 1989-1992
Bream Parkend (formerly Bible Christian) Chapel and schoolroom: marriage registers, 1968-2010; minutes 1906-1914, 1962-1986; finance committee minutes 1974-1975; attendance registers 1964-1996; deeds and related papers of chapel property in Bream and Yorkley 1841-1949; historical notes (1851)-1989; Sunday school families roll 1994-1995; collection journal 1971-1983; minutes of leaders' meetings, 1933-1967; church council minutes, 1982-1992, 1992-2000; property committee minutes, 1972-1987, 1988-2001; Women's Fellowship minutes, 1988-2000 (when the meeting closed); Young Wives Group minutes, 1974-1987; Youth Group minutes, 1988-1994; Church Family Committee minutes, 1978-1987, 1988-1990; General Fund accounts, 1983-2002, 2003-2008; property accounts, 1983-2003; Women's Fellowship accounts, 1949-1971; Women's Fellowship cash books, 1971-1983, 1984-1996; Sunday School cash books, 1950-1984, 1985-1999; property correspondence and papers, 1968-2001; quinquennial inspection reports, September 1994, September 2000; property log books, 1971-1995, 1996-2005; papers including photographs and property papers, [1960s-2000s]; Women's Fellowship attendance register, 1961-1972; album of photographs to celebrate 21 years of the Young Wives Group, 1964-1985; church notices books, 1999-2002, 2002-2005, 2005-2008, 2008-2012; material relating to the history of the Methodist churches in Bream, (1898)-[late 20th century]; quinquennial inspection report, 2000; church council minutes, 1989-2001; *copy of "Gloucester Journal" containing photos of pantomime, 1968
*Cinderford Chapel: stewards' meeting agendas and notes, 2007-2008; church council and general church meeting minutes and papers, 2006-2008; papers relating to annual pantomime, 1989-2009; deeds and related papers, 1889 onwards; deeds and documents relating to manse, 62a Somerset Road, 1971 onwards
*Cinderford, Wesleyan Chapel: marriage registers, 1927-1983; papers and conveyance for sale of part of property, 1997; papers concerning renewal of trust, 1950; conveyance, 1881; correspondence concerning boundary wall with fire station, 1972-1973; copy of the will of Edwin Marcus Letcher, 1931; "The story of Wesley Church" by Rev. Frederick Balch, 1927
Cinderford, Belle Vue, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: minutes 1919-1989; accounts 1880-1982; Sunday School minutes 1889-1937; Band of Hope minutes 1917-1922, Women's Work of the Missionary Society 1932-1959, accounts 1906-1935, renovation fund accounts 1949-1953, and registers 1958-1966; Local Preachers' meeting minutes 1934-1945; trust secretary's papers 1958-1977; historical notes (1824)-1980, copy of "The Story of Wesley Church" F Balch 1927, papers and service sheets 1950s-1980s; photograph of the Lawn Tennis Club 1922; newscuttings; Women's Fellowship minutes of AGMs, 1961-2005, and photographic record compiled 1975 to mark the fellowship's 50th anniversary; rough income accounts, 2003-2006; record of gifts to charity, 2000-2006 and rough income accounts for coffee mornings, 2000-2002; papers concerning property, c.1978-2004 and c.1982-1990, including church council minutes, 1982-1986; report of Bristol District Commission on Cinderford, 1990; papers concerning the four Methodist churches in Cinderford including minutes of Cinderford Four Churches Joint Church Council, 1989-1992; papers concerning events and charities at the Methodist and Anglican churches in Cinderford, 1884-1885, including preachers' plan for Cinderford Baptist Church, nd [late 19th century]; papers relating to building schemes, c.1980-2000; *marriage register, 1983-1994; conveyance for sale of manse, 1986
Cinderford, Bible Christian Chapel: minutes 1875-1921; accounts 1860-1985; Bilson Woodside Sunday School minutes 1868-1985
Cinderford Bridge (formerly Cinderford Bridge Wesleyan) Chapel: register 1869-1989; minutes 1925-1992; accounts 1954-1993; correspondence 1970-1992; Sunday school minutes 1967-1985
Cinderford, Church Road Chapel: minutes 1934-1977; centenary brochure 1964; church council annual meeting minutes, 1977-2004, church council minutes, 1994-1996, papers including income and expenditure accounts, 1991-2000, and correspondence concerning property maintenance and repairs, 2002-2003; scrapbook including photographs (19th century)-1995; deeds and related papers, 1864-1961, *building works correspondence and options study, 2006-2012
Clearwell Primitive Methodist Chapel: register 1949-1976; minutes 1941-1978; accounts 1964-1978; historical notes (1902)-1978; papers relating to sale of chapel 1978
*Coleford Chapel: papers, 1926-1953; deeds and documents relating to manse, 1975 onwards
Coleford, Clements End Chapel: correspondence 1972-1992; *deeds and related papers, 1869 onwards; accounts, 1869-1924
Coleford, High Street, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: pew rent accounts 1850-1893; accounts 1894-1957; register 1865-1944; historical notes (1821)-1970s
*Dean Hill Chapel (formerly part of Ledbury circuit): handwritten account of financial matters at Dean Hill from 1824-1846
Drybrook Bible Christian Chapel: minutes 1911-1988; accounts 1930-1976; Sunday School minutes 1927-1934, accounts 1889-1900 and register 1822-1829; historical notes (1859)-1984; *papers concerning scheme for repairs to church property, 1994-2005
*Drybrook Chapel: papers concerning manse, [20th century]; minutes and other papers of Churches Together in Drybrook, 1994-2006; papers relating to scheme to widen driveway etc., 1990s; accounts, 1996-1997; papers relating to scheme for lower room and windows, 1999; papers relating to kitchen/drive fund, 1990s; Church Council minutes, accounts etc., 2006-2009; Church Council minutes and other papers, 2002-2006; photographs of redevelopment work at the chapel, late 2000s; deeds and related papers, 1924 onwards; papers concerning property schemes, 1990s
Drybrook, Ruardean Woodside Chapel: minutes 1920-1962; accounts 1899-1981
Ellwood Primitive Methodist Chapel: Marriage register, 1975-2007; Trustees minutes 1859-1891, 1981-1927, 1927-1952; treasurer's accounts 1894-1956; secretary's accounts 1894-1954, 1955-1985; Sunday School minutes 1880-1958; Sunday School secretary's accounts 1896-1956; Sunday School accounts 1938-1968, 1969-1994; [?Christian Endeavour ?subscriptions] 1927-1990; Church Renovation accounts 1951-1977; church notices books, 1987-1991, 1991-1992, 1992-1998, 1998-2000, 2000-2002, 2002-2004; collections register, 1985-2002; *collection journal and society steward's record, 1936-1947; account book, 1957-2000, minutes of Trustees' and Church Council meetings, 1953-2002; *deeds and related papers, 1842 onwards; *tea party ticket, 1910
Lydbrook Primitive Methodist Chapel: deeds 1852-1913; certificates 1853-1914; Sunday School accounts 1908-1955 and register 1868-1934; accounts 1952-1991; papers relating to sale of property and closure 1987-1991; papers relating to sale of chapel, 1991
*Lydbrook, Reddings Chapel: papers including concerning sale of chapel, 1865-1967
*Lydney, Aylburton Chapel: deeds and related papers including details of trustees, 1914 onwards
Lydney Methodist Church: minutes of church family committee, 1979-1992; minutes of Church Council meetings; *fire insurance policy for manse, 1925; deeds and documents relating to church and chapel house, 1869 onwards
Lydney, Hill Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: minutes 1928-1945; accounts 1861-1895; register 1871-1955; manse trust accounts 1953-1996; list of trustees 1940; collection journals 1961-1976
Lydney, Springfield Chapel: minutes 1941-1986; accounts 1917-1980; trustees' papers 1933-1975; baptism certificate counterfoils 1948; marriage registers, 1957-1998
Mitcheldean Bible Christian Chapel: minutes and accounts 1861-1916; deeds 1677-1915
Mitcheldean, The Plump Chapel: minutes 1933-1980; accounts 1912-1975; *list of documents deposited with UMC Chapel Fund Safe Department, 1933
Nailbridge Chapel: accounts 1939-1989; historical notes 1961; correspondence about closure and sale of chapel 1989-1993
*Pillowell Methodist Church: minutes and correspondence, 2008-2009
Ruardean, Crooked End United Methodist Chapel: register 1954-1977; accounts 1979-1982; papers about closure and sale 1990-1992
Ruardean Hill Primitive Methodist Chapel: Sunday School registers 1913-1939; Band of Hope pledge book 1938-1939; accounts 1924-1934; records about sale of chapel 1981-1987
*Ruardean, Knights Hill Chapel: papers, 1933-1970
Ruspidge Bible Christian Chapel: minutes 1914-1992; register 1953-1973; trustees' papers 1914-1969; accounts 1891-1992; papers about closure c.1991-1992; Sunday School register 1970-1976; *baptism register, 1973-1991
Soudley Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel: historical notes (1815)-1988; papers about closure and sale of chapel 1988-1990; *baptism register, 1960-1986
West Dean, Coalway Primitive Methodist Chapel: minutes 1892-1933; *deeds and related papers, 1861 onwards
West Dean, Edge End Methodist Church: annual trustees' and members' meeting minutes, 1962-1975; church council minutes 1976-2000, 2001-2004 (when Edge End united with Coalway and Mile End); *Sunday school register, 1972-1976 (1 volume); *history of chapel produced to mark centenary, 1992
West Dean, Mile End Chapel: Manse trustees' minutes 1953-1957; Sunday School attendance registers 1937-1951; log book for Mile End Manse, 1986-1998; *baptism register, 1990; *papers concerning scheme for repairs to church property, 1995-2003
West Dean, Moseley Green Primitive Methodist Chapel: minutes 1925-1960; Sunday School accounts 1926-1958; photographs and historical notes c.1972-1981; *papers including concerning sale of chapel, 1940s-1967
West Dean, Pillowell Chapel: register 1946-1956; accounts 1863-1888; alms book 1879-1898; *papers concerning scheme for repairs to church property, 2004-2007; *papers, 1988-2004; minutes and papers of Building Improvement Committee, 1988-2004; papers concerning proposed sale of chapel (not proceeded with), 2008; deeds and related papers, 1879 onwards
West Dean, Viney Hill Primitive Methodist Chapel: minutes 1960-1966; accounts 1960-1969; register 1955-1969; historical notes 1973
West Dean, Whitecroft Chapel: accounts 1922-1938; history 1974; sunday school register, 1982-2002; accounts, 1921-1982; minutes of leaders' meetings and annual society meeting, 1942-1953; minutes of trustees' meetings, 1940-1973; minutes of Sunday School teachers' meetings, 1931-1939; visitors book, 1963- 2004; church notices, 1991-1994, 1995-2001; envelope collection registers, 1946-1952, 1976-1987; collection register, 1981-1992; long service certificate presented to Mr G Dash, Sunday School, 1910
*Whitecroft Chapel: baptism registers, 1870-1903, 1903-1937, 1937-2004 (3 volumes); marriage registers, 1971-1985; 1987-2003; photograph of wedding of Rev F.B. Janes (minister at the time) and Miss Louie Cook, 1910; history entitled "Whitecroft M.C,1824-2004", with order of service for harvest festival and closing service, [2004]; memories of Whitecroft, letters, newspaper cuttings etc, pre-1974; programme of Grand Bazaar, April 1907; centenary and jubilee souvenir, 1824-1924 and 1874-1924; programme for Yuletide Fayre, December 1937; centenary jubilee souvenir, 1824-1949; programme for Wesley Guild "Royal Banquet", October 10th 1939; Wesleyan Methodist Band of Hope cards and class ticket in name of Charles Phipps (member at Whitecroft), ; plan and deed of Whitecroft Chapel land let to M Mudway, 1996; miscellaneous papers relating to roof repairs and other matters, late 1990s
Woolaston, Netherend Chapel: historical notes (1867)-1978
Woolaston, Woodside Bible Christian Chapel: accounts 1932-1950; historical notes (1835)-c.1980; *papers, 1916-1975; deeds and related papers, 1886 onwards; Woolaston Woodside trust minutes, 1954-1961*; Woolaston Woodside trust minutes, 1961-1975*
Yorkley Slade Chapel: minutes 1926-1991; pulpit notices 1950-1988; members' roll 1929-1959; register of hymns 1988-1990; accounts 1862-1878, 1958-1992; property 1921-1963; Sunday school register 1916-1928, accounts 1917-1969; Girls' Life Brigade registers 1943-1960; list of births and baptisms 1930-1987; chapel history (1868)-1968; *Yorkley Slade chapel: visitors book, 1972-1984; notices book, 1988-1990 (acc 13932.2)

South Gloucestershire Circuit:
Chapel records:
Frampton Cotterell Chapel: minutes 1957-1963
NotesAccession 13522.1, 13676.1 and 13932.2 are uncatalogued
ArrangementWhen the catalogue was imported into Gloucestershire Archives' catalogue database, it was arranged artificially to reflect the structure of the circuit, the chapels being arranged alphabetically, while still keeping the reference numbers allocated to the documents when they were catalogued. The records therefore do not appear in strict numerical order. The collection has been arranged as follows:

D2598/1 Forest of Dean Circuit
D2598/5 Forest of Dean (Bible Christian) Circuit
D2598/2 Cinderford Circuit
D2598/3 Lydbrook Circuit (Primitive Methodist)
D2598/4 Lydney & Pillowell Circuit

CHAPEL RECORDS [note: subnumbers D2598/1 to D2598/5 have not been allocated to chapel records]
D2598/32 Bailey Lane End
D2598/29 Berry Hill (Zion)
D2598/25 Blakeney Hill [Primitive Methodist]
D2598/6 Bream
D2598/36 Bream Woodside (Wesleyan)
D2598/30 Breams Eaves
D2598/7 Cinderford
D2598/27 Cinderford Bridge
D2598/37 Cinderford Church Road
D2598/38 Cinderford, Littledean Hill
D2598/16 Clearwell (formerly Primitive Methodist)
D2598/17 Coalway (Pisgah) (formerly Primitive Methodist]
D2598/8 Coleford
D2598/39 Coleford, Clements End
D2598/26 Crooked End Church (formerly United Methodist)
D2598/18 Drybrook
D2598/40 Ellwood Ebenezer
D2598/41 Joyford
D2598/33 Knights Hill
D2598/9 Lydbrook
D2598/19 Lydney (Hill Street)
D2598/20 Lydney (Springfield) (formerly Primitive Methodist)
D2598/11 Mitcheldean (Bible Christian)
D2598/12 Moseley Green (Primitive Methodist)
D2598/31 Nailbridge: (Primitive Methodist)
D2598/13 Pillowell
D2598/21 The Plump (formerly Primitive Methodist)
D2598/34 Ruardean Hill
D2598/14 Ruardean Woodside
D2598/15 Ruspidge
D2598/42 Soudley Zion (Primitive Methodist)
D2598/22 Viney Hill (formerly Primitive Methodist)
D2598/23 Whitecroft (formerly Primitive Methodist)
D2598/24 Woolaston (formerly Primitive Methodist)
D2598/43 Woolaston Netherend
D2598/28 Yorkley Slade
Custodial HistoryDeposited by the Forest of Dean Methodist Circuit, 3 August 1978, 30 July 1980, 10 February 1982, 3 January 1985, 10 June 1987, 18 November 1987, 27 November 1987, 1 Spetember 1988, 25 January 1989, 19 October 1989, 30 April 1990, 15 January 1991, 9 April 1991, 25 June 1991, 1 May 1992, 16 March 1993, 6 September 1993, 17 October 1994, 3 May 1996, 18 December 2000, 7 May 2002, 1 May 2007, Cinderford Methodist Church, 22 October 1970, 2 June 2006, Bristol Methodist Church District, 10 June 1994, 6 November 1998, 17 June 2003, Ellwood Methodist Church, 2 June 2006, Averil Kear, 27 November 2007, Methodist Circuit of Gloucestershire, 29 January, 30 April, 20 June and 26 November 2013, 10 June and 3 December 2014, 13 October 2015, 12 April 2016 and 3 November 2017
Related Material[See also D3569; D6529; D6596]
Access Conditions* denotes that this collection contains some uncatalogued records - please give us at least one week's notice of your visit if you would like to look at this material
These records are immediately available for research except D2598/1/62, D2598/6/6-7, D2598/9/5-6, D2598/15/16-17, D2598/27/5-9 and D2598/30/4 which are closed until they are 51 years old
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