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TitleDenison-Jones family of Leonard Stanley
DescriptionManorial records of Leonard Stanley 1645-1769; deeds, chiefly of Kemble 1619-1806, Leonard Stanley 1540-1769, and Wotton-under-Edge 1305-1758; family papers of Berkeley family of Berkeley c.1580-1732, Cumberland family of Bristol 1778-1902, Sandford family of Leonard Stanley 1554-1802, Timbrell family of Kemble 1716-1810, Veel family of Wotton-under-Edge 1656-1844, including papers about an abortive Royalist rising 1659, Willett of Stratton 1669-1775, and of Jones family 1822-1902; *additional deeds of Kemble, Leonard Stanley and Stonehouse 1547-1889; estate papers of Leonard Stanley 1667-19th cent.; Cumberland and Jones family papers, 19th cent.; Berkeley Hundred custumal 1598 and precedent book, 17th cent.
Leonard Stanley overseers' papers 1686-1775; copy lease of church house (1502)
NotesAccession 1660 is uncatalogued
Admin HistoryThese documents of the Denison-Jones family include also records of the related families of Sandford, Veel, Willett, and Timbrell and Cumberland
William Sandford of Stonehouse was in possession of the priory of Leonard Stanley soon after its dissolution and grant to Sir William Kingston [D225/T28]. Robert Sandford bought the manor of Leonard Stanley from William Whitmore of Slaughter [D225/F30; see also D45/T1/14] in 1738. The Sandford family held the manor of Stonehouse in the reign of Elizabeth I, but by 1608 it had passed to the Fowlers of Stonehouse, another family of clothiers. In the eighteenth century members of the Sandford family acted as J.P.s; the parish records of Leonard Stanley probably came into their hands as churchwardens or overseers. The last of the family, Robert, who lived at Cirencester and died in 1804, acted as a trustee and executor in various trusts connected with the family (the Rishton executorship [D225/F33] devolved on him since Elizabeth, the wife of the first executor, Ivyleafe Russ of Bristol, was a daughter and heir of John Sandford of Clifton).
The ancient family of Veel of Tortworth in the medieval period, and later of Simondshall (in Wotton-under-Edge) was connected by a marriage in the thirteenth century to the Berkeley family. Sir Thomas Veel, Governor of Berkeley Castle during the Civil War, was implicated in the attempted rising of Royalists in the West in 1659 [D225/F12-13, and 'Dictionary of National Biography']. His grandson, Thomas, married Elizabeth, granddaughter of John Smyth of Nibley, the steward and historian of the Berkeley family. The Veel and Jones families were connected by marriage in the nineteenth century. The Berkeley records may have come into this collection at several stages. Those of the time of John Smyth, and the medieval deeds, were possibly handed down to his granddaughter, Elizabeth [D225/T2 is mentioned by Smyth]
The connection of the Willett family with the Sandfords of Leonard Stanley is not clear, since the marriage of Robert Sandford into the family can be traced only from Bigland's transcripts of inscriptions. The connection with the Timbrell family is shown in the pedigrees; in the eighteenth century there were two branches of the Timbrell family, both including a Robert, at Ewen, and there were also two branches of the family at Cirencester towards the end of the century. The Graile family was connected with the Timbrells by marriage [See D225/T23; F34, F47]
The Cumberland family were related to the dramatist, Richard Cumberland [see 'Dictionary of National Biography']. Further information on the family, and transcripts of letters written by Richard Denison Cumberland and his brother, George, are printed in 'The Cumberland Letters', 1771-1784, by Clementina Black, 1912 [this and later correspondence is in the British Museum]
Pedigrees of the Sandford, Veel, Jones, Cumberland and Willett families can be found in the printed catalogue, available in the searchroom at Gloucestershire Archives
Custodial HistoryDeposited by Mrs Y Fisher and Mrs J Hollings, per Lapage Norris Sons and Saleby of Stroud, solicitors, 12 September 1942, 23 January and 10 April 1957, and 30 July 1959 (accession 1660)
TermFamily archives
Estates (land)
Related Material[See also P201]
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