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Alt Ref NoD2219
TitleA E Smith and Son of Nailsworth, solicitors
DescriptionOffice papers:

Letter books 1837-1924; *letter books 1930-1931 (Accession 9196); copy wills and administrations (1838)-c.1954;*additional copy wills 19th-early 20th centuries (Accession 9404); index to drafts 1849-1869 and 1870-1897; *probate papers 1865-1959

Clients' papers:
Bayley family of Avening: deeds and leases 1574-1726
*Clissold family , clothiers of Pitchcombe, 1669 (Acc 9196)
*Day family, clothiers of Nailsworth 1780s-1824 (Acc 9196)
*Fewster family of Nailsworth 1673-1912, including reminiscences of Nailsworth by A R Fewster, 1866 (Acc 9196)
*Miss E M Maggs of Nailsworth: deeds and related papers of properties in Nailsworth area, including Watledge House and properties in Shortwood and Bristol Road areas, 1704-1925 (Acc 10084)
Ricardo family of Minchinhampton: Minchinhampton manor court minutes 1843-1905; *other manorial records including drafts and notes of summons to the court, 1876-early 20th century (Acc 9196)
*Westley family 1815-1957 (Acc 9196)
Miss Constance Hope (Acc 15187)
Mr Thomas Mather (Acc 15187)
Miss Mabel Anderson (Acc 15187)

Nailsworth Loan Society: minutes 1836-1850
Nailsworth Sanitary Committee: minutes 1888-1894
Nailsworth Subscription Rooms: minutes and accounts 1852-1933
Nailsworth Social Service Committee: minutes 1933-1940
Primrose League: minutes of Nailsworth and Horsley Habitation 1887-1899

*Nailsworth Church of England school: accounts 1870-1902; deed of school site [19th cent.]
Nailsworth National School: accounts 1870-1902
St Loe's School, Amberley: minutes 1794-1844; rental 1843; papers 1884-1908

Public bodies:
Tax Commissioners for Longtree Hundred: papers concerning redemption of land tax 1821-1940
Nailsworth Urban District Council: letter books 1917-1930

Deeds chiefly of Coaley 1536-1647 and Horsley and Nailsworth 1693-1936; deeds etc of Nailsworth Church of England school 1803-1907; *other deeds include Wallow Green, Horsley, 1734-1851, Golden Valley House, 1652-1831, Nodes House, 1760-1866 (Acc 9196); *Eastington 1831-1896 and Nailsworth 1638-1905 (acc 10899)
Deeds concerning land and premises at Horsley, 1680-1861; land at Inchbrook, Woodchester, 1889-1934; land and premises at Nailsworth, 1889-1952; Jerusalem cottage and an orchard at Nailsworth, 1808-1923; a shop at Cam, 1800-1928; land adjacent to Mount Pleasant, South Woodchester, 1810-1978; freehold premises in Minchinhampton, 1869-1973; a dwelling house and premises in West End, Minchinhampton, 1703-1912; property in West End, Minchinhampton, 1869-1937; land and premises at Rockness Hill, Nailsworth, 1749-1933 and a dwelling house and premises in West End, Minchinhampton, 1857 (Acc 15187)
*Assize report concerning murder of C Bird in Horsley by E Fletcher of Nailsworth, 1891 (Acc 9196) Minchinhampton and Rodborough tithe apportionment, 1841
*Stroud: division of the pews in the new aisle, Stroud church, 1759 (Acc 9196)
*Map of the common land, Minchinhampton, 1864; Playne's plan of the Dunkirk Estate, including Avening, Woodchester and Minchinhampton, 1844; J P Sturge's map of the parish of Avening, 1858 [very poor condition]; Gloucestershire County Council development plan, Stroud area, 1949 (Acc 9196)
*A E Smith's scrapbook concerning Nailsworth flood, 1931 (Acc 9196)
Smith family register removed from a Bible, c1856 (Acc 15187)
Appendices from Privy Council session regarding goods of James Wood, 1840 (Acc 15187)
NotesAccessions 9196, 9384, 9404, 10084, 10772 and 10899 are uncatalogued
Custodial HistoryDeposited by A E Smith and Son of Nailsworth, solicitors
Related Material[See also D1911; D6700]
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