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TitlePenley, Milward and Bayley of Dursley, solicitors
Description*Office papers:
Letter books 1843-1945; agents' letter books 1837-1912; accounts 1842-1912; bill books 1845-1912; testamentary papers concerning Colonel W Clutterbuck of Dursley 1877-1896; testamentary and probate papers (1730)-1901

Clients' papers:
Addington and Colebrook families: deeds and papers, 17th-20th cents.
Bristol Corporation: leases (1793)-1905, rentals c.1775-1907 and estate papers 1810-1918 concerning Woodmancote estate at Dursley; plans 1819-1886
Bracher family of Berkeley: deeds relating to Heathermead, Woodford, Berkeley, 1829-1997
Burcombe family: deeds of Cam and Stinchcombe 1665-1835; estate papers 1728-1851
Clifford family of Frampton-on-Severn: papers of Whitstone Hundred Court 1618-1846
Cornock family: farm accounts 1906-1914; diaries 1920-1921; correspondence 1920-1930; deeds and papers concerning an estate at Thornbury and Oldbury-on-Severn c.1668-1802
Dauncey family of Uley: miscellaneous papers, 19th cent.
Daunt and Stoughton families of Owlpen: deeds, chiefly of Owlpen and Wotton-under-Edge (c.1210)-1777; estate papers concerning Gloucestershire 1763-1952 and Irish estates [1634]-1837; transcripts of early deeds of Gloucestershire and Irish estates 1882; family and testamentary papers 1653-1888
Fry family of Dursley: family settlements and testamentary papers 1819-1887; professional and business papers of Dr W Fry, surgeon 1784-1812
Goodrich family: deeds of Gloucester (1728)-1873 and Energlyn estate in Glamorganshire 1715-1919; family and testamentary papers 1803-1924
Guise family of Elmore: index to court rolls of Manor of Dudstone and Kings Barton (18th cent.)-1900; court book 1854-1946; manorial papers 19th cent.-c.1938
Hadley family: deeds of Hunts Court estate, North Nibley 1542-1886; estate accounts of W Turner of The Steps, Cam 1797-1861
Hale family of Alderley: deeds of Bradley Court estate in Berkeley, Hamfallow, North Nibley, Slimbridge and Wotton-under-Edge [c.1380]-1975; deeds of Charfield, Kingswood, and Plock Court estate, Longford (1559)-1890; estate papers 1620-1872; estate accounts relating to Bradley Court and Slimbridge 1620-1640, 1698-1778; Nelmes family [of Bradley Court] household accounts 1722-1777; Alderley estate accounts c.1822-1868; family, settlement and testamentary papers 1611-1962; plan of the Alderley Estate, 1908
Harding family of Rockfield (Monmouth): deeds and estate papers relating to property in Coaley, Hawkesbury, Owlpen and Uley and to Monmouthshire estates, 1845-1891
Huntley family of Boxwell: letter books and estate correspondence 1829-1863; estate papers 1800-1854; family settlements and testamentary papers 1792-1858; personal accounts and vouchers 1811-1866
Legg family of Berkeley: deeds of Berkeley 1699-1909; accounts of Legge and Pearce, auctioneers, of Berkeley, 1896-1906
Morse, Purnell and Sheppard families: deeds of Cam, Dursley, Framilode, Fretherne, Moreton Valence, Saul, Stinchcombe and Whitminster 1567-1890; Morse estate correspondence and papers 1843-1907; testamentary papers 1818-1912
Phelps family of Dursley: deeds of London 1681-1833
Purnell, Richards and Lister families: deeds of Kingshill estate, in Arlingham, Berkeley, Cam, Coaley, Dursley, Kings Stanley, Owlpen, Painswick and Uley (1695)-1920; family settlements and testamentary papers 1844-1911; business ledger of T Lute of Bedminster (Somerset), seedsman, 1865-1888; ledger of J Clarke of Blakeney, seedsman, 1873-1888
Richards family of Dursley: testamentary and family papers 1805-1903
Scott family of Constantine (Cornwall): deeds and papers, 19th cent.
Vizard family of Dursley: letter books and correspondence, 19th cent.
Woodchester Park estate records (1907)-1955
Abstracts and conveyance concerning Broadoak, Westbury on Severn [office copies], (1827)-1909

Deeds of Abertridwr (Glamorgan), Alderley, Berkeley, Bisley, Cam, Cheltenham, Coaley, Dursley, Eglwysilan (Glamorgan), Falfield, Framilode, Hawkesbury, Kings Stanley, Newent, Newland, Nympsfield, Rockfield (Monmouthshire), Slimbridge, South Fleet (Hampshire), Uley, Upton St Leonards, Whitminster and Wotton-under-Edge (1619)-1986
Freemasonry certificates of Harry Robert Smith 1894-1898
Cash book for private account of D Company, Gloucestershire Regiment, 1938-1939, with related bank deposit book 1939-1949 and papers 1938-1949

Sale particulars, Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire, 19th-20th cents.
Testamentary and trust papers 1816-1905
Copy grant of the manor of Newington Bagpath and Calcot, Ozleworth, the monastery of Kingswood, land in Bagstone, Wickwar, land in Hill, 1540; messuage and lands in Calcote concerning Sir Nicholas Poyntz, 1556; copy of a verdict concerning tithes in Calcott, undated [16th cent.]
Stinchcombe parish book 1712-1778; Dursley tithe rent charge collection accounts 1900-1927; miscellaneous parish records of Dursley 1818-1849

Commercial records:
Legge and Pearce of Berkeley, auctioneers: letter book 1883-1906; day book 1886-1906 [see also Clients' papers]
Sun Fire Insurance Office, Dursley: correspondence 1855-1872

Dursley Agricultural and Commercial (later Grammar) School: minutes 1878-1935
Dursley Coal Fund: accounts and papers 1847-1878
Dursley Infants' School: vouchers and miscellaneous papers, 20th cent; *deeds and papers relating to Henry Vizard's trusts for Church of England infant school at Dursley, 17th century-20th century
Dursley Parochial Charities: correspondence, accounts and papers, lists of recipients etc 1770-1893
Purnell's Charity (North Nibley): accounts 1763-1869; leases and apprenticeship indentures 1771-1900; correspondence 1801-1904; vouchers c.1859-1870
St Mark's Chapel, Dursley: Henry Vizard Endowment: declaration of trust, 1852; deed of appointment of new trustees, 1893; accounts, 1846-1911

Public bodies:
Dursley Highway Board: letter book 1874-1899
Dursley Air Raid Precautions Area (Area 9): correspondence and papers 1938-1942; cash accounts 1939-1941
Dursley Home Guard: correspondence 1942-1945
Dursley Union: map of Cam, probably for poor rate valuation, 1864
Tax Commissioners (Land, Income Tax and Inhabited House Duty) for Upper Berkeley Division: minutes 1855-1916, 1946-1955; assessments and related papers 1871-1948
*Coaley inclosure award 1876

Dursley Fire Engine Committee: correspondence, bills and papers 1863-1865
Dursley Patriotic Fund: correspondence, minutes and papers 1854
Dursley Peace Celebrations Committee: minutes and papers 1919
Dursley and Cam Polling District: correspondence as registered agents and subagents for Conservative Party 1869-1911

Maps and plans:
Copy tithe and estate maps (1838)-1873
NotesAccessions 2078, 3994, 5160, 5175, 8279, 8369, 8484, 8744, 10110, 10306, 10794, 10818, 11732, 12640, 12995, 13107 and 13214.1 are uncatalogued
ArrangementA large deposit of records belonging to the solicitors' practice of Penley, Milward and Bayley of Dursley was received in September 1981 (accession 4311), and that deposit forms the bulk of this list. The contents of the collection have been listed in detail and, wherever possible, the original office working arrangement (principally by client) has been preserved or restored. No attempt is made to explain more complex relationships between groups of records or properties

When the catalogue was imported into Gloucestershire Archives' catalogue database it was artificially arranged to reflect the original office working arrangement while still keeping the box references it was given when it was listed. The records therefore do not appear in strict box number order in the list. [NB Box 18 includes key early Tyndale deeds - these are significant - ex inf David Smith, former county archivist 2012] The collection has been arranged as follows:

Bristol Corporation: estate at Woodmancote, 18th-20th cents.
Burcombe family: estate in Cam and Stinchcombe, 17th-19th cents.
Daunt and Stoughton families: estates in Gloucestershire and Ireland, 14th-20th cents.
Fry family of Dursley: family and professional papers, 18th-19th cents.
Goodrich family: estates in Gloucestershire and Wales, 18th-19th cents.
Guise family: records of the manor of Dudstone and Kings Barton, 19th-20th cents.
Hadley family: estates in North Nibley and Cam, 16th-19th cents.
Hale family (including Oldisworth, Dawes, Nelmes, Smart and Wastfield families): estates in Gloucestershire, 16th-20th cents.
Morse, Purnell and Sheppard families: estates in Gloucestershire, 16th-20th cents.
Purnell, Richards and Lister families: estates in Gloucestershire, 17th-20th cents.
Phelps family: estate in Gloucestershire and London, 17th-19th cent.
Custodial HistoryDeposited by Penley, Milward and Bayley, solicitors, except accessions 6451, 6510, 6591, 6641, 6649 and 6675, which were deposited by Penleys, solicitors, and accession 8744, which was given by Mr A G Pierce
Family archives
Estates (land)
Related Material[See also D947; D2258; D3398; HB6]
Access Conditions* denotes that this collection contains some uncatalogued records - please give us at least one week's notice of your visit if you would like to look at this material
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