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Alt Ref NoD181
TitleSewell, Rawlins and Logie of Cirencester, solicitors
DescriptionOffice papers
Financial records: Bank books, 1860-1926; office accounts and cash accounts with various clients, 1832-1848; Accounts and vouchers relating to Sewell and Newmarch's work as agents for Phoenix Fire Office insurance, 1841-1848; Rough ledger, 1888-1895; Stow Sundry Disbursements, 1863-1864; Copy of Jacobs and Masters Ledger Account, 1888; Copy of bill from Messrs Sewell, Newmarch and Francis to Dunn and Duncan of Fleet Street, London, 1858; Account of Osgood Hanbury, Osgood Hanbury Junior, James Taylor, Henry Lloyde and Phillip Hanbury, 1849; Account book showing payments made by the office on various accounts, 1835-1840; Draft capital account concerning Joseph Sewell, deceased, 1841; Statements of accounts relating to the estate of Mr B Sewell, deceased, 1850-1856; Unidentified miscellaneous account showing accounts for various individuals and organisations, 1879-1889; Edward Clare Sewell's household account for Parkstone, 1937-1942; Extract from Jacobs and Master's office account, 1888; Accounts and bills of Lawrence and Newmarch relating to various clients, 1822-1877
Internal correspondence, 1809-1943; Deeds concerning partnership and related papers, 1810-1933; Deeds relating to property (Three series); Miscellaneous office papers, 1821-1981

Clients' papers
Edmund Whitfield A'Bear (deceased), of Bix and Caversham (Oxfordshire), Warfield (Berkshire) and Welling (Kent); Mary Ann A'Bear (deceased), of Caversham (Oxfordshire) and Warfield (Berkshire), widow of Mr Edmund Whitfield A'Bear; Mary Ann A'Bear (deceased), of Welling, East Wickham and Bexley (Kent), sister of Mr Edmund Whitfield A'Bear; Reverend W Adams, fellow of Merton College, Oxford; Jonas Ady of Cirencester; Joseph Aldridge, of Bishops Cleave; John Alloway; Ally family of Stanton; Catherine Amos of Wotton-under-Edge; John Archer of Castle Eaton (Wiltshire); Thomas Arkell of Lechlade; Thomas Ash of Coates; Edward Atkyns; William Baker of Cheltenham; John Bateman; Bailey and Jones of Cirencester; William Henry Banks of West Dulwich (Surrey); George Ives Raymond Barker; Mary Baron of Avening, wife of John Baron; Henry and Elizabeth Barratt of Cirencester; Reverend W Bartlett; Earl of Bathurst; Joseph Beesley; Benjamin Bennet of Longhope; C J Bennett; Elizabeth Berry; Percy Berry of Cirencester; Samuel Bidmeads of Bisley; George Graham Blackwell; John Alfred Bloss; Robert Bolt and Elizabeth Bolt; Robert Bolton of Poulton; Bowley Family of Cirencester; George Davey Bragg of Birmingham; Sarah Brasher of Cirencester; Brasington of Stratton and Cirencester; Baron Brassey; Bravender; Thomas Bridges of Cirencester; Bernard Brocas of Beaupaire (Hampshire); Elizabeth Brown of Further Barton, Cirencester; Joshua Brown of Bartonbury, Cirencester; Lydia Brown of Bartonbury; Mary Brown of Bartonbury, Cirencester; Thomas Crowther Brown of Cirencester; John Bullock and William Bullock; John Burrows of Charlton Kings; Butt family of Arle Court, Cheltenham; Thomas Byrch of Cirencester; Emma Castree of Shipton Sollars; Brassey of Charlton Park near Cheltenham; Chastleton Estate, Oxfordshire; Cheer family of Chalford, Minchinhampton; William Clift of Minchinhampton; Reverend Cockin of Minchinhampton; William Henry Cole; Thomas Edwards Colston of Filkins; John Cook; Thomas Cook of Battersea and Ampney Crucis; William Cook; Coole Family of South Cerney; William Chesterman of Oxford; Florence Matilda Orledge Clark of Chalford; James Clark of Daglingworth; Thomas Clark; William Coles, of Coln St Dennis; John Morris Colston of Hyde Park (Middlesex); Ann Crew of Cirencester; Cornwall Family of Fairford; Joseph Cossens of Cheltenham; Cox family; Thomas Cox of Stratton; John Creed of Ampney St Peter; Ann Crew of Cirencester; Joseph Cripps; E William Cripps; Croome family; Robert Crundall; Elizabeth Cullis of Cirencester; William Cumberland of Ampney Crucis and Duntisbourne Abbots; John Dance of Fairford; Charles Darkin of Woodstock (Oxfordshire); Martha Mary Halliday Davies of Withington (Gloucestershire) and Brompton Square (Middlesex); William Davis of Cirencester; DelaBere family; William Digger; Dutton, Lord Sherborne; George Drew of Cirencester; Dyer family of Crompton Abdale and Chedworth and St Paul's, Bristol; Charles Edgington; William Moore Edwards of Hannington (Wiltshire); Susannah Evans of Cirencester; Falconer family; Farrar's Trust; William Foreshaw of Maiseyhampton; Marion Hilda Forsyth Forrest of Cheltenham; Garne family; Elizabeth Gegg wife of Richard Gegg of Withington; Daniel Gilman of Cirencester; Gleed family; Robert Gordon (deceased), of Blaisdon, Westbury-on-Severn, Kemble and Leweston (Dorset); Gordon Family; Richard Gorton of Cirencester; Reverend Henry Graham of Hendon (Middlesex); Andrew Gwinnett of Cheltenham; James Habgood of Cirencester; Thomas Hall of Sheep Street, Cirencester; Edward Haines of Bagendon; Daniel Hamblin of Eastington Ampney; Hancox of Bisley; Harbridge of Donnington; James Harding; Nathanial Hartland, of Charlton Kings; Harwood family of Cheltenham; Canon Henry William Haygarth; James Haynes; Hayward family of Icomb; Revered Thomas Harris and Gorcott Hall, Studley (Warwickshire); Hedges; Thomas Herbert of Ewen near Kemble (Wiltshire); Hervey of Oxfordshire and Berkshire; John Hewer of Maiseyhampton; Hewett; John and Ann Hiatt; Job Hill; Reverend Thomas Hill; Hinton of South Cerney; Charles Hoare of Cirencester; Sarah Hoare of Cirencester; Daniel Holbrow of Minchinhampton; Horton family; Henry Howell; Hudson Family of Norfolk; Thomas Squire Huntley of Burford (Oxfordshire); Robert Leonard Jacobs; Eliza James; William Henry James; Job Jeffreys; Martha Jefferys; Patrick Jeffrey; Mary Ann Jennings; Robert Joachim; Thomas Jones of Fairford; Matthew Kight of South Cerney; C J Kinch; Tyrell Knapp of Hampton Poyle (Oxfordshire); George Reginald Lait of Barnsley and Cirencester; John Lane senior of Cirencester; Richard Waugh Lane of Maugersbury, Stow-on-the-Wold; Jonathan Larner of Ampney St Peter and Frederick Larner of Ampney Cruicis; Charles William Lawrence of Cirencester; John Farrow Lawrence; William Lawrence; Sarah Lawrence of Weymouth (Dorset) and Cirencester; Lawrence Family; Ralph Lees of Bibury; Elizabeth Legg of Walthamstow (Essex); Charles Leake, of Anderton (Cheshire) and Bampton, Ducklington and Witney (Oxfordshire); Jane Legh of Baker Street (Middlesex); William Lloyd Le Patourel of Balham (Surrey); Reverend Henry George Liddell; James Lockhart; William Long; Samuel Withorne Lovesy; Thomas Mace of Sherborne; Nehemiah Malpas of Cirencester; William Margetts of Chedworth; William Mathews; John Mathews of South Cerney; James Matthews of Cirencester; Joseph Matthews of Stow on the Wold; Tobias Mundy Mayer of Minchinhampton; Joseph Mill of Sharncott; Charlotte Miller of Maiseyhampton; Esther Miller of Maiseyhampton; John Miller of Maiseyhampton; Martha Miller Latham; Robert Miller of Lechlade; Milligan family; Edith Mary Mills; Charles F Moore; Reverend William Henry Mills of Siddington; Edwin Stanley Morris of Cirencester; Morrison of Monmouthshire; Charles Moss of Frampton Mansell; Ann Myles of Sount Cerney; Nankivell; David Newman of Ostend, Belgium; John Ody of Fritters Well Farm, Brinkworth (Wiltshire); Colonel Ormond; Thomas Coxwell Ovens of Cirencester; Richard Basson Painter of Siddington; William Parker of Siddington; Esther Patten; Andrew Paxford of Bourton on the Water; Percival Family of Yanwath; Robert Perkes of Minchinhampton; Nathaniel Perkes of Minchinhampton; Thomas Phillipps; Alfred Piercy of Tunbridge Wells (Kent); Catherine Piercy of Tunbridge Wells (Kent); Pinfold family of Minchinhampton and Bristol; James Pitt of Stratton, Cirencester; William Polhill of Broadwell (Oxfordshire), Cranbrook (Kent), Notting Hill (Middlesex) and St Clement Danes (Middlesex); Ponsonby family of Hatherop; Frances Portal of Northampton; T B Porter of Northleach; Reverend Powell of Cirencester; E Price of South Cerney; Stephen Price of Stroud; Thomas Price of Quenington; Charles Ratcliffe; Rayner Family; John Chandos Reade of Bledington, Oddington and West Lockinge (Berkshire); Sarah Richardson of Newent; Edward Richings of Cirencester; George Augustus Robbins of Lechlade; George Robbins of Lechlade; William Robbins; Rebecca Roberts; Rushout family; Reverend Ryder of Oaksey (Wiltshire); Mary Anne Sandys of Miserden; Sartoris family; F H Sealy; Benjamin Sewell; Scott family; William Simpson of Poulton; James Simpson of Charlton (Wiltshire); John Skinner of Avening; Skuse; Slatter family; Smith and Adams; Ann Smith of Cirencester; Charles William Smith of Cirencester; Daniel Smith of Eastington; Henry Smith of Cirencester; James Smith of Glenridding, Penrith, Cumberland; Jane Smith of Cirencester; Jesse Smith; Raymond J Smith; Thomas Smith of Cirencester; William Smith of Langford near Lechlade; Joseph Stafford of Duntisbourne Rouse; William Henry Stanton of Bracebridge (Lincolnshire); Stevens; Joseph Cooper Straford of Cheltenham; Joseph Stroud; Robert Sutton of Chedworth; William Morris Tanquery of London; Temple family of Charlton Kings; Henry Thomson of Fairford; John Thornton of Popes Court near Fairford; Charles Timms of Siddington; Captain John Tobin, of Cirencester; William Tombs of Coates; Robert Tovey of Cirencester; George Townsend concerning Warrington Estate; Thomas Turfrey of Winson, Bibury; Vavasour of Broadwell and Ireland; Wade family; William Wane; John Walker; Thomas Walker; Henry Waters of Cirencester; Daniel Watkins; Watling; Thomas Warner, of Cirencester; Watts; Richard Webb of Stow-on-the-Wold; John Westmacott; Thomas Westmacott; John Westell of South Marston, Swindon (Wiltshire); John Wheatley of Aston sub Edge (Gloucestershire); Elizabeth White of Bristol; John White of Minchinhampton; William Whitehead; John Wild of West Yatton (Wiltshire); Richard Wilkins of Siddington; Alfred Williams of Trowbridge (Wiltshire); William Wiggin of Hampnett-cum-Stowell; Mary Ann Willsden of Cirencester; William Wilkins of Siddington; Alfred Wood of Cirencester; George Wood of Cirencester; Joseph Wood of South Cerney; Richard Wood; Thomas Woodward of Cirencester; William Woodward of Ampney Crucis; Worme of Stratton and Dorchester; Wotton; Reginald Wynniatt; George Young; Henry Zachary; Thomas Zachary of Areley Kings; unidentified clients

Public and commercial undertakings:
Cirencester Poor Law Union; Railways; Highways Districts; Cirencester Rural Distict Council; Cirencester and Cricklade Elections; National Registration Act 1915 forms for females; Schools; Cirencester Clubs and Companies; Cheltenham Water Works; Hospitals; Thames Valley Drainage Bill; Thames River Preservation

Miscellaneous maps and plans

Moreton-in-Marsh Infant School; Warneford Diocesan Charities; Oxford Asylum Trust; Warneford Executors; Warneford deeds; miscellaneous papers of the Warneford Family and thier clients; Warneford Settled estates

Charities: Matthews Charity; Cirencester Coal Club

Testamentary and Trusts

Miscellaneous papers
NotesFollowing the merger of the practices of Messrs Mullings, Ellett and Co. and Messrs Sewell, Rawlins and Logie in 1991, a large quantity of material was deposited at Gloucestershire Archives (AccNo 8045). This material forms part of the collections of Mullings, Ellett and Co. (D1388) and Messrs Sewell, Rawlins and Logie (D181) and has not been physically re-arranged. Most of this material was identified as relating to Sewell, Rawlins and Logie with a smaller group of records relating to Mullings, Ellett and Co. Where it was not possible to confirm which firm material relates to, it has been assumed to be part of the Sewell, Rawlins and Logie collection (D181).
Accession 14014.1 was appraised and 48 of 108 items returned to depositor, August 2016.
Gloucestershire Archives is grateful for an award from the National Cataloguing Grants Programme for Archives which made it possible to catalogue this large and significant collection during 2014-2016. We are also grateful to the volunteers who helped the project archivist by compiling and enhancing catalogue entries for some types of records.
Custodial HistoryDeposited by Sewell, Rawlins and Logie of Cirencester, solicitors, 19 December 1940, 7 February 1950, 29 March 1968, 14 May 1974, 26 November 1982, 7 May 1989, and by Sewell Mullings Logie LLP, 15 January 2016
Related Material[See also D1331; D1332; D1348; D1388; D5112]
Access ConditionsThis collection is privately owned and is made available to users by the kind agreement of the depositor. Access to Clients papers created during or after 1900 is with written permission of the Senior Partner of Sewell Mullings Logie LLP, 7 Dollar Street, Cirencester GL7 2AS. Information contained in this collection is made available in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, as well as with the access provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018.
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