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Finding RefD1180
TitleStroudwater Navigation Company
DescriptionDirectors' minutes 1775-1954; AGM minutes 1954-1976; Board meeting minutes 2011-2014 (with CD of minutes 2002-2010); shares 1959-1981; correspondence 1814-1980, 1994-2001; accounts 1775-1978, 1994-2008; annual accounts 2007-2014, with other financial records 2002-2014; tonnage book 1776-1923; parliamentary papers 1729-1954; plans 1776-1951, including plan of the intended navigable canals from Stroud to the River Severn near Framilode, with key [printed] to the plan, 1776; engineering report 1976; documents concerning registered titles, 20th C.-2005; *reports of inspections of the canal, with transcripts, 1908-1978; deeds, with transcripts, 1777-1956; *correspondence relating to the A419 dranage outfall, 1982-1992, the extraction of water from the Stroudwater Canal, 1972-1977, the Stonehouse and Eastington Cycle Trail Agreement, 1994-2002, Severn River Authority and Severn Trent Water, 1969-1984, Ryeford Double Lock and related restoration, 1987-1994, Manpower services concerning a canal job creation scheme, 1977-1986, Ryeford sluices, 1956-1988, Ebley bypass and Haywards bridge, 1987-1992 and the Severn Flood Scheme, 1953-1994; and paperwork relating to reports and inspections, 1953-2001; *material relating to Wallbridge Wharf, 1823-1987, including 1st Ed. OS map, 1884; *material relating to tenants at Wallbridge, 1906-1952; *documents relating to Company's opposition to Midland Railway's proposed Thames & Severn Railway, c.1882; *various employee paperwork, 1872-1942; *employment of Leonard Pockett, 1919-1976; miscellaneous paperwork [including agreements and leases], 1898-1926; *clerk's files, c.1954-2000s; *documents previously held at Hugh Reed solicitors (Deed box A, Deed box B, Deed box C and black tin trunk); *papers from Joan Tucker (labelled correspondence 1979-1984 17 subjects) (1 file)
*Papers formerly of Joan Tucker (archive director): files are labelled AA1-12, AA2/1-12, AA3/1-13 AA4/1-8, 10, AA5/1-17; AA6/1-7, 9-12. Also un-numbered files: correspondence with ARF Payne, Secretary of Association of Stroud District Industries, 1952-1954; Government Bodies, 1919 & 1929; COPS v GCC-water from Thames & Severn into Stroudwater 1949-1951; disk of maps showing land registered at Land Registry (acc 13370); "Company restructuring business plans etc" (acc 13517)
*Act of Parliament authorising Gloucester & Berkeley Canal; 1797 (marked "original"); Act of Parliament; Thames & Severn Canal Navigation, 1780-1782; Thames & Severn Canal Trust Act and Acts incoprorated therewith, 1895 (acc 13518)
*"Plan of the intended Navigable Canal from the town of Stroud to the River Severn near Framiload in the County of Gloucester", undated, [late 18th century]; blank unissued share certificates by the Thames and Severn Canal Company, undated, c.1783 and c.1791; notice of restricted opening times for Sapperton Tunnel, 1904; "Plan and Section of Thames and Severn and Stroudwater Canals", 1974 (acc 14247)
*Plans of trows Elizabeth, Palmerston and unnamed vessel, undated, [1950s]; plans of trow Alma, 1952; Port of Gloucester handbook, used as a working copy by boatman on the Stroudwater Canal, 1936 (acc 14382)
NotesAccessions 10879, 11441, 11527, 11549, 12569, 12710, 135127, 13518, 14247 and 14382 are uncatalogued
ArrangementThe collection has been arranged as follows:

D1180/C1 Commissioners' Minutes
D1180/C2 Commissioners' Papers
D1180/1 Committee's Minutes
D1180/2 Accounts
D1180/3 Shares
D1180/4 Tonnage and tolls
D1180/5 Parliamentary
D1180/6 Legal
D1180/7 Byelaws
D1180/8 Agreements and Deeds
D1180/9 Correspondence and papers
D1180/10 Maps and Plans
Admin HistoryThese records throw much light on the making and day-to-day administration of the Stroudwater Canal and on other waterways in its vicinity and particularly the Gloucester and Berkeley and Thames and Severn Canals, and their relations with the Stroudwater Canal.
In 1730 an Act was passed to make the River Stroudwater from the Severn to Wallbridge near Stroud navigable, the chief argument being that coal would be cheaper [D1180/5/1 and 5/4]. Opposition from the millers, who feared the loss of water was too great and the scheme came to nothing. Interest in the project was revived, in 1756 meetings were held to nominate new commissioners [D1180/C1/1] and in 1759 a second Act was passed [D1180/5/4]. This Act authorised an attempt to construct a navigation without the use of locks and so to overcome the opposition of the millers. Cranes were to be built at the various mills and the cargo, carried in boxes, was to be interchanged at the weirs. [See Fosbrooke's 'History of Gloucestershire', vol. 1, p. 69 ff. and Hadfield's 'The Canals of Southern England', p. 61]. The Canal was begun, but was unfinished by the time allowed in the Act (1761), [D1180/C1/1]. The subject was again raised in 1774 and a meeting was called at the George Inn, Stroud by the surviving commissioners appointed under the 1730 Act. At a subsequent meeting new commissioners were nominated to proceed with the Canal and to raise fresh capital [D1180/8/1, C1/1]. In 1775 undertakers for the work were appointed [D1180/8/1] and the project was pressed forward. The first stone was laid on 5 June 1775 ['Gloucester Journal' for 5 June 1775 quoted by Hadfield, p. 61]. Owing to the opposition of the millowners and landowners, who questioned the powers of the Company to construct a canal under authority of the Act, to make the river navigable, and who were supported by legal advice, it was necessary to obtain a fresh Act in 1776 [D1180/5/1 and 6/1; see also D1180/5/5 and TS178]. The work proceeded and the Canal was opened in 1779. [See Hadfield, 'The Canals of Southern England']
Custodial HistoryDeposited by the Directors of the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation, 20 December 1954, 18 May 1973, 5 June 1989, 19 July 1994, 22 November 1995, 6 October 1999, 13 March 2007, 19 November 2008, 19 February and 10 March 2009, 9 November 2011, 20 March 2012, 9 January 2014, 21 October 2016, 7 April 2017 and 18 May 2018
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